All CRTC / Regulation Articles — 1998

Nov 1, 1998 — Policy Brief

Submission to CRTC re New Media [PN CRTC 1998-82 - Phase II]

Friends makes submissions to CRTC regarding policy toward New Media under Broadcasting Act

Sep 30, 1998 — News Article

CRTC asked to rule that small TV is beautiful by Doug Saunders

At CRTC inquiry into TV regulations, Friends advocates prioritizing local television

Sep 23, 1998 — News Article

Will Canada still be a TV star? ... by Doug Saunders

CRTC will launch inquiry into Canadian content regulations, opening up tensions within broadcasting community

Jul 26, 1998 — News Article

Specialty channels have enjoyed a decade of success and increased Canadian content

The CRTC’s decision to allow cable companies to include specialty channels in basic packages has helped the channels, but fragmented the Canadian TV audience

Jul 22, 1998 — News Article

CRTC pulls plug on Shaw's stake in Headline Sports Firm by Robert Brehl

CRTC ruling against Shaw’s share in Headline Sports may affect the appropriation of WIC assets between Shaw and CanWest

Jun 25, 1998 — Policy Brief

Letter to CRTC opposing Rogers Communications investment in CTV Sportsnet [PN CRTC 1998-49]

Friends opposes Rogers’ attempt to invest in Sportsnet, fears vertical integration will create undue preference

Jun 9, 1998 — News Article

Private broadcasters' reaction to CRTC's new radio Policy

New CRTC rules concerning Canadian content, consolidation are angering radio executives

May 23, 1998 — News Article

Local TV Shows Endangered Species by Tony Atherton

Media concentration sanctioned by the CRTC has led to the gutting of Canadian local television

May 7, 1998 — News Article

CRTC to examine Canadian television by Graham Fraser

CRTC will undertake investigation into Canadian television to improve future policies

May 6, 1998 — News Release

CRTC's Canadian Television Policy Review Announced

Important CRTC hearings on Canadian TV policy do not appear to consider local programming, crucial role of CBC

Apr 6, 1998 — News Article

Time for clear look at CRTC choices by Hugh Winsor

Links between CRTC and Rogers are raising concerns about state of regulatory body’s arms-length relationships

Mar 26, 1998 — Blog Post

Letter to Prime Minister Re: Appointments to CBC, CRTC

Friends asks Jean Chrétien to reform appointment process to CBC, CRTC to include public nominations, published criteria

Mar 26, 1998 — News Release

A Few Good White Men – From Central Canada

To better reflect Canada’s diversity, Friends recommends overhaul to appointment procedure to CBC, CRTC, including published criteria, public nominations process

Mar 26, 1998 — News Release

Vacancies on the CBC Board and at the CRTC

Chrétien must fill positions on CBC board of directors, CRTC with individuals more representative of Canada’s diversity than he has in past appointments

Mar 20, 1998 — News Article

Some friends are also qualified by Hugh Winsor

Despite their qualifications, many appointees to CRTC seem to have been given jobs on the basis of connections alone

Feb 5, 1998 — Policy Brief

Letter to CRTC re Shaw Communications' bid to take over Sportscope [PN CRTC 1997-158]

Friends opposes Shaw’s attempt to invest in Sportscope, fearing undue preference based on Shaw’s past record