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Aug 9, 2017 — News Article

It Is Time To Rethink CanCon Regs On Radio by Steve Marlow

Indie Pool is proposing an alternative structure to CanCon requirements, suggesting a credit system where songs by established artists count for less toward CanCon percentages and lesser known artists count more.

Aug 8, 2017 — News Article

CBS Streaming Is Coming To Canada, Potentially Upending Local Broadcasters

Columnist says the era of Canadian networks running U.S. shows may be coming to an end.

Aug 1, 2017 — News Article

Bell presses CRTC to overturn ad policy ahead of next Super Bowl by Christine Dobby

In the run-up to the NFL season, Bell Media has launched yet another attempt to spike a regulatory ruling that blocked the company from substituting its own television feed – including Canadian ads – over the U.S. broadcast of the Super Bowl.

Jul 31, 2017 — News Article

The CRTC has renewed CBC’s television and radio licenses to just Aug. 31, 2019

The commission says with the term of current CBC president and CEO Hubert Lacroix set to end in December, and a number of positions on the CBC board of directors vacant, the decision will allow the new president and board to have a material impact on the CBC’s licence renewal plans.

Jul 26, 2017 — News Article

Controversial CRTC decision raises questions about space on airwaves for Indigenous broadcasters by K.D. Sawatzky

Newly granted licenses were previously held by Toronto-based Aboriginal Voices Radio, whose network dissolved after CRTC revoked its licenses in 2015 due to non-compliance with regulations. 

Jul 25, 2017 — News Article

Technology, not the CRTC, will drive phone bills lower by Peter Nowak

Columnist says the key question surrounding the federal government’s choice of telecom veteran Ian Scott for the post of CRTC chairman isn’t whether he’ll end up favouring industry, but whether his appointment will make much of a difference one way or the other for consumers.

Jul 24, 2017 — News Article

Creative groups pressure Ottawa to overturn CRTC decision that would cost industry $900m in funding by Emily Jackson

Nineteen groups hope Ottawa will overturn a CRTC decision to lower the amount some broadcasters must spend on dramas, comedies, award shows, children’s programs and documentaries.

Jul 19, 2017 — News Article


The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage announces the appointments of Ian Scott as Chairperson and Caroline J. Simard as Vice-Chairperson (Broadcasting) of the CRTC. 

Jul 19, 2017 — News Article

‘Great guy, works hard, very sane’: Incoming CRTC chief lauded despite concerns from consumer groups

Industry watchers say it’s telling that Ottawa chose a telecommunications insider to lead the tribunal that oversees Canada’s $65.7-billion communications industry.

Jul 18, 2017 — News Article

Government to name industry veteran Ian Scott as new head of the CRTC

The government will name Ian Scott as chairman and Caroline Simard as vice-chair of broadcasting

Jul 17, 2017 — News Article

Ottawa to name industry veteran Ian Scott CRTC chairman by Christine Dobby

After filling the role on an interim basis in June, the federal Department of Heritage has found its permanent candidate and will appoint Ian Scott chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Jul 16, 2017 — News Article

Not enough diversity on Canadian television, report says by Terry Pedwell

A research report prepared for the CRTC notes there’s still a lack of television programming representing people with disabilities and the Indigenous population in particular.

Jul 15, 2017 — News Article

Turning Down The Heat On Net Neutrality: A View From Our Northern Neighbor by Arielle Roth

American columnist says Canada’s approach to the new communications marketplace teaches the United States to steer clear of bright-line rules and regulatory relics.

Jul 13, 2017 — News Article

Diversity on TV improving but Indigenous people still 'virtually invisible,' study says by Brian Platt and Stuart Thomson

Columnist says Canadian television has been getting better at representing the country’s cultural diversity, according to a government-commissioned study — except when it comes to Indigenous people, who remain “virtually invisible on Canadian networks.”

Jul 9, 2017 — News Article

Leaderless CRTC Is Adrift And Without A Mission by Michel Morin

Michel Morin, a former national commissioner of the CRTC, says Canada's broadcasting commission needs a new chair with passion and conviction, capable of imagination and with a single objective: to reinforce Canadian content in our broadcasting system.

Jul 8, 2017 — News Article

COMMENTARY: The CRTC is adrift by Michel Morin

Columnist says that after Konrad von Finckenstein and Jean-Pierre Blais, both federal civil servants who did not particularly distinguish themselves by their understanding of the broadcasting industry, the CRTC does not need yet another Ottawa bureaucrat.

Jul 8, 2017 — News Article

What’s next in TV’s digital revolution by Chris Powell

Columnist says consumer adoption of network TV alternatives like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, coupled with the content available on YouTube and quasi-legal sources like Periscope and torrents, is requiring broadcast groups to straddle the line between traditional TV and digital.

Jul 3, 2017 — News Article

Is it always a bad idea to get government involved in journalism? by Stephen Kimber

Columnist says there is a difference between what News Media Canada is proposing and providing public support for actual journalism.

Jul 3, 2017 — News Article

Is it always a bad idea to get government involved in journalism? by Stephen Kimber

Columnist says there is a difference between what News Media Canada is proposing and providing public support for actual journalism.

Jun 30, 2017 — News Article

Germany approves plans to fine social media firms up to €50m

Measure requires social media platforms to remove obviously illegal hate speech and other postings within 24 hours of receiving a notification.