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Jul 13, 2016 — News Article

TV subscribers dwindling, but prices rise, CRTC data shows

The CRTC says about 160,000 Canadians cancelled their TV subscription last year, but the industry managed to offset that loss by charging the remaining customers more.


Jul 12, 2016 — News Article

How technology disrupted the truth by Katharine Viner

Columnist says social media has swallowed the news – threatening the funding of public-interest reporting and ushering in an era when everyone has their own facts.

Jul 10, 2016 — News Article

La ministre Joly réitère sa confiance dans le CRTC

Minister of Canadian Heritage, Mélanie Joly, deems it is important to remain cautious when it comes to racism allegations against one of the CRTC's commissioners. 

Jul 9, 2016 — News Article

CRTC faces allegations of racism by Emily Jackson

Court documents filed by Raj Shoan, fired last month as Ontario commissioner of the CRTC, allege that Linda Vennard, commissioner for Alberta and the Northwest Territories, made racist comments and harassed her assistant. 

Jul 9, 2016 — News Article

Conflit et allégations de racisme au sein du CRTC

Allegations of racism are hanging over a CRTC commissioner, as reported by the Calgary Herald.

Jul 6, 2016 — News Article

Fired CRTC commissioner looks to void governor-in-council order by Christina Pellegrini

Raj Shoan, a former commissioner at Canada’s broadcast and telecom regulator, has initiated another legal action against the federal government, this time challenging the order that terminated him from his post.

Jul 5, 2016 — News Article

Privacy Commissioner slams Canadian Border Agency for 'Border Security' TV by Zool Suleman

In a report released three years after an initial complaint was lodged, federal Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien has found the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to be in breach of Canada’s Privacy Act.

Jul 5, 2016 — News Article

Fired CRTC commissioner asks court to overturn dismissal on allegations of workplace harassment by Emily Jackson

Raj Shoan, who was fired over allegations of workplace harassment and for taking actions that were “fundamentally incompatible” with his position, has filed an application asking the federal court to quash the order in council that terminated his role at the CRTC.

Jul 3, 2016 — News Article

Cable companies take more Android box dealers to court to stamp out 'free TV'

With added special software, the boxes allow customers to stream a huge selection of pirated content, including live sports, on their TVs — for free.

Jun 26, 2016 — News Article

Digital evolution by Marty Forbes

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly announces that a series of public consultations will take place over the next several months to examine the government’s role in supporting Canadian content creation — in all media — radio, television with a focus on digital evolution.

Jun 24, 2016 — News Article

CRTC commissioner terminated with cause by Christina Pellegrini

According to an electronic copy of an order-in-council, federal cabinet has revoked the appointment of Raj Shoan, the commissioner for Ontario at the CRTC, a decision made based on the recommendation of Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly.

Jun 21, 2016 — Policy Brief

Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2016-191

FRIENDS opposes CBC’s application to the CRTC to allow ICI Musique and CBC Radio 2 to continue to broadcast national advertising.

Jun 21, 2016 — News Article

Un conflit entre deux hauts dirigeants du CRTC devant les tribunaux de Louis-Samuel Perron

On Tuesday in Toronto, a conflict between two Canadian Radio-television ant Telecommunications Commission top executives was presented to a judge for the first time. Ontarian commissionner Raj Shoan has pursued three legal actions in the past year to oppose decisions by CRTC president Jean-Pierre Blais.

Jun 20, 2016 — News Article

Set-top box crackdown will chill Canada's tech innovation by Michael Geist

Columnist says a recent federal court ruling targets a disruptive technology that everyone agrees has both legitimate and infringing uses.

Jun 16, 2016 — News Article

Le CRTC imposera des seuils de nouvelles locales aux télédiffuseurs by Pierre Saint-Arnaud

Reporter says that, after years of cuts and reduced airtime, regulatory authorities grant la little oxygen to local news and programming.

Jun 16, 2016 — News Article

Jusqu'à 90 millions de plus pour les nouvelles des télés privées by Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot

Private general interest televisions such as TVA and V could access up to 90 million dollars a year to fund their local news. The CRTC grants large conglomerates such as Québecor and Rogers the option to fund  local news on their general interest channels rather than to their community televisions. 

Jun 15, 2016 — News Release

CRTC shell game leaves local TV on the brink

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting expressed disappointment with the new policy for local TV released today by the CRTC.

Jun 15, 2016 — News Article

CHCH-TV gets helping hand with CRTC’s local news fund by Steve Buist

CRTC announces the creation of an Independent Local News Fund worth approximately $20 million per year to help stations in 18 communities across the country produce news.

Jun 15, 2016 — News Article

CRTC announces new fund, minimum programming hours for local TV news by Terry Pedwell

Canada's broadcast regulator is forcing English-language TV stations to air at least seven hours a week of local news, and creating a new fund to help the smaller ones pay for it as part of a "rebalancing" of the country's television landscape.

Jun 15, 2016 — News Article

Unifor Supports CRTC Commitment To Local Television News

Union says strong and independent local news is intrinsic to our democracy and that it is the duty of large broadcasters to deliver it.