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Apr 21, 2014 — Policy Brief

MAtv: Non-Compliance Complaint – CRTC 2013-1746-2

FRIENDS recommends that the CRTC find that Vidéotron’s MAtv has not been operating in compliance with the Community Television Policy and call for applications from not-for-profit groups to apply for the licence currently held by MAtv.

Apr 7, 2014 — News Article

CRTC Hearings on Rogers TV Licence Renewals Start Tuesday

The CRTC will consider Rogers' applications, at a public hearing, starting April 8, 2014, to renew the licences of 17 Rogers'  television stations.

Apr 4, 2014 — News Article

Digital Canada 150 provides “exciting roadmap for prosperity”

The federal government has unveiled Digital Canada 150, calling it “an ambitious path forward” for Canadians to take full advantage of the opportunities in the Digital Age.

Mar 28, 2014 — News Release

2014 Dalton Camp Award winners announced

Randy Morse of Kaslo, British Columbia has won the $10,000 first prize in this year’s Dalton Camp Award for his essay on the dearth of news media in small town Canada and what can be done about it.

Mar 28, 2014 — News Article

Why Canadian unions want you to talk about TV by H.G. Watson

The results of the CRTC's latest research will be released in April, but several unions that represent television workers are already making the case for more robust Canadian television regulations.

Mar 27, 2014 — News Article

Speech by Scott Hutton, Executive Director, Broadcasting, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Scott Hutton gives an address to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage on the state of the radio sector and Canadian music industry.

Mar 24, 2014 — News Article

Activists challenge Videotron’s community TV service MAtv by Steve Faguy

A group of community activists has banded together to file a complaint with the CRTC against Videotron, arguing the company’s existing community channel MAtv is not respecting its mandate to provide community access to television.

Mar 12, 2014 — News Article

False Arguments Fuel Government Assistance to Canada's Entertainment Industry

The Fraser Institute says the CRTC's recent crackdown on a trio of X-rated channels for not showing enough Canadian content is a classic example of how government policies supporting Canada's entertainment industry are costly and inefficient.

Mar 12, 2014 — News Article

After CRTC porn debacle, this think tank says funding for Canadian content needs change by Simon Houpt

A report issued by The Fraser Institute says the federal government needs to reconsider its regulation and financial support of the domestic entertainment industries, including Canadian content quotas.

Mar 9, 2014 — News Article

John Doyle on Canadian TV: the good, the bad and the weird by John Doyle

Columnist offers 10 observations and thoughts about the Canadian TV industry.

Mar 4, 2014 — News Article

The Future of Television in Canada? More Fees by Michael Geist

Columnist says the CRTC's 'TalkTV' public consultation offers few appealing choices for consumers.

Mar 3, 2014 — News Article

Omni TV aims to loosen ethnic restraints by Jeremy Nuttall

Multi-lingual channel, Omni, is asking the CRTC to loosen requirements mandating it show 100% ethnic programming during prime-time.

Feb 28, 2014 — News Article

Do we still need the CRTC?

Columnist asks whether given that the CRTC often attracts the ire of Canadians, their current survey avoids the biggest question of all — does Canada still need the CRTC?

Feb 25, 2014 — News Article

Here’s what Jim Flaherty should do with those billions from the spectrum auction by Kate Taylor

Columnist suggests money from the recent wireless spectrum auction should be set aside to help Canada’s creative community produce more content for those public airwaves.

Feb 25, 2014 — News Article

OPINION: As TV changes dramatically, the CRTC invites Canadians’ input by Jean-Pierre Blais

CRTC Chairman invites Canadians to take part in Phase II of its programme Let's Talk TV.

Feb 21, 2014 — News Article

Viewpoint: CRTC has to face up to the changing face of broadcasting by Kierra Jones

Columnist says removing or reducing obligations towards Canadian content would force Canadian shows to be viable both in the finance and ratings departments.

Feb 21, 2014 — News Article

The CRTC looks like old-school Vikings in a New World by Brian Lee Crowley

Columnist says the CRTC is an important part of the explanation of the failure of Canadians to produce edgy popular programming.

Feb 19, 2014 — News Article

US judge gives broadcasters injunction against Aereo online TV13 hours ago by Thomson Reuters by Dan Levine

A federal judge in Utah on Wednesday barrs online television service provider Aereo from retransmitting programs, ahead of a closely watched Supreme Court hearing this year between the company and major broadcasters.

Feb 19, 2014 — News Article

Five things we learn about the Astral/BCE deal from the CRTC by Etan Vlessing

The CRTC has released a follow-up to the Astral-BCE transaction, which includes key revisions to commitments promised by the phone giant as part of a benefits package associated with a revised bid by the Bell Media parent to acquire Astral Media for $3.4 billion.

Feb 19, 2014 — News Article

The CRTC Launches Let’s Talk TV: Choicebook

The CRTC invites Canadians to provide their input on the difficult choices to be made regarding their television system by filling out the Let’s Talk TV: Choicebook.