All CBC / Public Broadcasting Articles — 2004

Dec 29, 2004 — News Article

'No guarantee' $3-million cut won't impact quality of TVO, TFO: Meilleur by James McCarten

Ontario Culture Minister Madeleine Meilleur refuses to guarantee that projected cuts to TVO and TFO funding will not impact their programming.

Dec 27, 2004 — News Article

Lockout batters networks' audiences by William Houston

NHL lockout pushes ratings down at Rogers Sportnet, The Score, TSN and the CBC.

Dec 20, 2004 — News Article

Ad revenue at CBC falls by 11 per cent by Rick Westhead

CBC advertising revenues have plummeted to 1998 levels, while those of private broadcasters have increased.

Dec 20, 2004 — News Article

Press Release Announcing February Conference

Voice of the Listener & Viewer annouces that it will hold a February Conference regarding public service broadcasting in Europe and in the Commonwealth.

Dec 17, 2004 — News Article

Interview with Bill Moyers: Leaving TV after Three Decades

U.S. broadcast journalist Bill Moyers explains the purpose of public broadcasting in interview on National Public Radio interview show, Fresh Air with Terry Fross.

Dec 13, 2004 — News Article

Moving Forward: Balancing Priorities and Making Choices for the Economy of the Twenty-First Century

Culture section of the pre-budget report of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, in which the Standing Committee recommended that the federal government increase funding for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio-Canada.

Dec 11, 2004 — News Article

Geminis too Toronto-centric by Alex Strachan

Article says Gemini Awards too focused on Toronto productions, do not help to advance Canadian star system.

Dec 10, 2004 — News Article

Canadian TV conquers stigma, funding woes by John McKay

The future looks bleak for the Canadian film and television industry, although innovative programming gives reason for hope.

Dec 9, 2004 — Blog Post

Letter to Minister of Canadian Heritage re CBC Grassroots Capacity

FRIENDS policy advice to the Minister of Canadian Heritage recommends that any allocation of new resources to CBC be at least 80% dedicated to improving CBC’s grassroots capacity across the country.

Dec 8, 2004 — News Article

Bringing the Past to Life by Alison Perrett

The BBC intends to launch the Creative Archive Project which would give British Internet users free access to the corporation's catalogue records for non-commercial use.

Dec 8, 2004 — News Article

BBC Says It Will Cut 2,900 Jobs Over 3 Years by Alan Cowell

As the BBC comes under increasing pressure with respect to its licence fee, the broadcaster has announced some of the deepest cuts in its history.

Dec 8, 2004 — News Article

BBC shakeup targets 4,800 jobs by Elizabeth Renzetti

BBC proceeds with plan to cut 10% of work force, mainly in non-programming areas.

Dec 7, 2004 — News Article

Obituaries: Pierre Berton, 84 by Myrna Oliver

Pierre Berton's Canadian stories attracted an audience both at home and abroad.

Dec 6, 2004 — News Article

BBC faces its own makeover show

Article says it remains to be seen whether newest BBC director-general can actually implement the changes that will follow from his review of the organization.

Dec 6, 2004 — News Article

The bodging of the BBC by Peter Preston

Article says that a guaranteed licence fee and lengthened charter are needed to save the BBC.

Dec 6, 2004 — News Article

How to spend £300m by Emily Bell

The UK broadcasting regulator has advocated £300m be invested to create a Public Service Publisher.

Dec 6, 2004 — News Article

Why small can still be beautiful by Peter Bazalguette

Article says that changes in the media/broadcasting market structure caused by new digital technologies will make the licence fee UK residents pay for the BBC more relevant then ever.

Dec 4, 2004 — News Article

Setback for BBC chief as plans for shake-up fail to make the Grade

BBC director-general's plan for overhaul that could cost 6,000 jobs fails to receive approval from BBC Chairman.

Dec 4, 2004 — News Article

Grade puts forward vision for BBC reform Broadcasting

BBC chairman Micheal Grade proposes that the corporation hold a "virtual annual general meeting" so as to be more accountable to licence fee payers.

Dec 2, 2004 — News Article

Minister plays down TVOntario discussion

Minister says that sale of the public broadcaster TVOntario to a private broadcaster remains an option, but not one the government will consider in the near future.

Dec 2, 2004 — News Article

Government lays down law to BBC on reporting the news by Colin Brown

The British Government wants impartiality and accuracy standards for broadcast journalism written into the BBC's Charter.

Dec 1, 2004 — News Article

Solid ratings for CBC's Greatest Canadian by Guy Dixon

Throughout The Greatest Canadian, the CBC managed to secure ratings that were consistently between 500,000 and 1.1 million.

Dec 1, 2004 — News Article

TV worth supporting

Editorial praises TVO, says slashing $3-million from its budget can only harm its quality.

Dec 1, 2004 — News Article

Author Pierre Berton made an impact on all media, not just printed word by John Mckay

Pierre Berton made a profound contribution to Canadian culture, including broadcasting.

Nov 30, 2004 — News Article

$3 million in cuts feared at TVO by Robert Benzie

Projected TVO budget cuts feared as precursor to TVO privatization.

Nov 29, 2004 — News Article

Notes for an address by the Hon. Stephen Harper to the Canadian Association of Broadcasters

Conservative leader addresses convention of Canadian private broadcasters, states that the Conservative Party would "seek to reduce CBC's dependence on advertising revenue and its competition with the private sector for these valuable dollars".

Nov 28, 2004 — News Article

Talk of funding cuts jolts museums by Chris Cobb

Minister of Canadian Heritage hints that the federal government's upcoming financial review may reallocate funds from other sectors to television and film.

Nov 27, 2004 — News Article

Does the CBC know what it's doing? by John Allemang

Minister of Canadian Heritage says CBC must reconnect with the regions.

Nov 24, 2004 — News Article

CBC's defence by Slawko Klymkiw

Executive director of CBC network programming responds to National Post columnist, says CBC's responsibilities extend beyond ratings.

Nov 22, 2004 — News Article

Transcript of Roundtable Discussions

Transcript of presentations to Finance Committee pre-budget consultations by FRIENDS and others.

Nov 22, 2004 — News Article

Rabinovitch reappointed as head of CBC; called 'outstanding' leader for arts

Three year reappointment of Robert Rabinovitch as CBC President receives Heritage Committee approval.

Nov 22, 2004 — News Article

It isn't just us by Lynne McNamara

Chris Haddock, creator of acclaimed series Da Vinci's Inquest, calls public broadcasting "the most valuable thing we can continue to defend".

Nov 22, 2004 — Policy Brief

Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

FRIENDS tells Finance Committee pre-budget consultations that CBC needs $100 million in new funding annually if it is to adequately discharge its local and regional responsibilities under the Broadcasting Act.

Nov 20, 2004 — News Article

Is CBC addicted to sports? by Chris Zelkovich

Funding cuts have forced CBC to become dependent on sports programming in order to meet statutory obligations.

Nov 18, 2004 — News Article

Keeping the barbarians at bay - and CBC afloat by John Ivison

Columnist argues Canada's cultural sovereignty is not under threat.

Nov 16, 2004 — News Article

Trying Times at CBC by Bill Brioux

Lower ratings at the CBC are a sign of stale programming, article claims.

Nov 16, 2004 — News Article

CBC asks for an extra $100M to save regional programming by Chris Cobb

CBC President Robert Rabinovitch seeks permanent funding to restore CBC local and regional programming capacity on English television.

Nov 15, 2004 — News Article

Transcript of Parliamentary Committee Examination of CBC President

Members of the House of Commons Heritage Committee question CBC President Robert Rabinovitch pursuant to an order-in-council proposing his reappointment for three years.

Nov 15, 2004 — Blog Post

CBC President Tells Media, Not Parliament About Plans for Local/Regional Programming

In an extraordinary development, CBC president tells media scrum about plans for CBC local/regional programming after refusing to tell parliamentary committee about them.

Nov 14, 2004 — News Article

Media: Where will the Thompson axe fall?

BBC is reportedly headed for serious cutbacks in anticipation of value for money report.

Nov 12, 2004 — News Article

Group criticizes CBC by Tim Naumetz

FRIENDS criticizes Robert Rabinovitch for failing to protect regional programming in a mock report card grading his performance.

Nov 12, 2004 — News Article

Friends of CBC give Rabinovitch low grade

FRIENDS gives Robert Rabinovitch a C minus for his performance as CBC president.

Nov 11, 2004 — News Article

Can our first lady of culture survive the heathens? by Lawrence Martin

Minister of Heritage Liza Frulla says Canada needs more public television, will push to restore CBC news services in the regions.

Nov 11, 2004 — News Release

CBC President Gets a Passing Grade

FRIENDS gives CBC President Robert Rabinovitch a C- for his performance on a variety of performance measures, including CBC funding, regional programming, Canadian content, and CBC Radio.

Nov 10, 2004 — News Article

CBC films offer good defence by Gayle MacDonald

Movie Night in Canada unlikely to generate same advertising revenue as Hockey Night in Canada despite similar ratings.

Nov 8, 2004 — News Article

$10M CBC Budget Cut 'Permanent'

Government supplementary estimates point to a permanent 10 million dollar budget cut for the CBC.

Nov 8, 2004 — News Article

Two more years? by Sean Davidson

With Rabinovitch's generally solid record, his term is likely to be extended, groups say.

Nov 7, 2004 — News Article

Ottawa wants Rabinovitch to serve another term at CBC by Jennifer Chen

Government says reappointment of CBC President ultimately a decision for cabinet, but views of Heritage Committee, to which the proposal has been referred, will be taken into account.

Nov 6, 2004 — News Article

What a Guy! by Bill Brioux

Executive Director of CBC English TV network programming, Slawko Klymkiw, discusses CBC programming strategy.

Nov 5, 2004 — News Article

CBC boss held out for 3-year renewal by Antonia Zerbisias

Sources say the initial offer made to Robert Rabinovitch was for a two-year term, rather then the three he accepted.

Nov 5, 2004 — News Article

Martin reappoints CBC head at 11th hour by Jane Taber and Gayle MacDonald

PMO proposal to reappoint current CBC president Robert Rabinovitch viewed as safe choice.

Nov 5, 2004 — News Article

Government proposes new term for CBC boss by Jennifer Chen

Prime Minister's Office proposes the extension of Robert Rabinovitch's term; he is scheduled to appear before the Canadian heritage committee in the next few weeks.

Nov 4, 2004 — News Article

This is the BBC, an institution worth defending by Allan Massie

Author discusses the debate over the mandate, financing, governance and programming focus of the BBC.

Nov 4, 2004 — News Article

PM to reappoint Rabinovitch as head of CBC

Prime Minister Martin proposes to reappoint Robert Rabinovitch CBC president, if a parliamentary committee approves.

Nov 4, 2004 — News Article

Government proposes that Rabinovitch be rappointed head of CBC

Groups say decision to refer CBC presidency proposal to parliamentary committee is a step in the right direction but that ultimately, the board should make the appointment.

Nov 4, 2004 — News Article

CHUM pushes its CanCon strategy by Paul Brent

Columnist criticizes CHUM satellite radio bid, saying all that is missing is channels dedicated "to the sound of loons and maple syrup".

Nov 4, 2004 — News Article

The Liberal government is proposing that Robert Rabinovitch be reappointed head of the CBC.

Prime Minister Martin hands off Rabinovitch reappointment to the Commons heritage committee and the cabinet; groups say this is an improvement but maintain that decision should ultimately be made by the board of directors.

Nov 4, 2004 — News Release

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting Applauds Prime Minister

FRIENDS commends Prime Minister’s decision to refer the appointment of the next CBC President to the House of Commons Heritage Committee for review.

Nov 3, 2004 — News Article

Greatest Canadians fighting for viewer attention by Guy Dixon

CBC foray into reality television controversial, and a ratings challenge.

Nov 2, 2004 — News Article

Cracking the Da Vinci code by Robert Fulford

Columnist praises CBC English-language drama Da Vinci's Inquest.

Nov 2, 2004 — News Article

Who names the CEO

Editorial criticizes Paul Martin Liberals for failing to end patronage in appointments to Crown corporations, advocates that Crown boards should make the selections.

Nov 2, 2004 — News Article

Why CBC got into bed with Sirius by Eric Reguly

Columnist Eric Reguly analyses the "real" reasons behind the CBC decision to partner with Sirius to bring satellite radio to Canada.

Nov 1, 2004 — News Article

Hockey Night feels the freeze by Brendan Kelly

The hockey lockout continues to make the CBC and sports networks suffer.

Nov 1, 2004 — News Article

Pay-radio hopefuls face the CRTC

FRIENDS criticizes low quantity of Canadian programming in two of the three proposed satellite pay radio applications currently before the CRTC.

Nov 1, 2004 — News Article

CBC head awaits his fate as patronage appointments scrutinized by Hugh Winsor

The appointment of CBC's president should be a decision by its board of directors, not a personal political decision by the Prime Minister, columnist says.

Oct 30, 2004 — News Article

Pay-as-you-go digital radio?: CRTC mulls issue by Mary Lamey

Satellite radio will be the next big thing in Canada - the question is whether the CRTC wants to "get in front of the wave or get knocked over by it", says columnist.

Oct 27, 2004 — News Article

Both elder statesman and victim of CBC by Alan Kellogg

This Hour has Seven Days' Patrick Watson says that his only regret is to have accepted the top job at the CBC because he should have known the bureaucratic structure which controlled the board of political appointees left no room for change.

Oct 27, 2004 — News Article

CBC miniseries leads Gemini list by John McKay

CBC leads in number of nominations in this year's Gemini Awards.

Oct 26, 2004 — News Article

Question Period

Transcript of question from MP Maka Kotto to Minister of Canadian Heritage regarding procedure for appointment of CBC president.

Oct 25, 2004 — News Article

The CBC v. George Bush

The National Post's editorial board accuses the CBC of taking sides in the U.S. election.

Oct 24, 2004 — News Article

Canada out of step on Al-Jazeera by Antonia Zerbisias

Conditions placed on CRTC approval of Al-Jazeera will result in Canada joining the ranks of Syria and Saudi Arabia, where the channel is not shown.

Oct 23, 2004 — News Article

Network to extend Rabinovitch's term by Rick Westhead

The appointment of the current CBC president, Robert Rabinovitch, will reportedly be extended.

Oct 21, 2004 — News Article

CBC: le cinéma presque aussi écouté que le hockey by Pierre Trudel

FRIENDS says the CBC should replace Hockey Night in Canada with Canadian junior league hockey instead of Hollywood films.

Oct 20, 2004 — News Article

Motions by Sandra Rubin

Report says Francis Fox turned down the CBC presidency.

Oct 20, 2004 — Blog Post

Letter to George Smith, Senior Vice-President, CBC

FRIENDS responds to letter from CBC executive, says CBC underestimating audience demand for live hockey.

Oct 19, 2004 — News Article

Sheila Copps book scorches Martin record on Iraq, medicare, CBC by Joan Bryden

Sheila Copps' new tell-all book accuses Prime Minister Martin of suggesting that the CBC be privatized.

Oct 19, 2004 — News Article

Au lieu de films américains CBC est invitée à diffuser des matchs juniors

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting says CBC should be replacing Saturday night hockey with junior hockey rather than American blockbusters.

Oct 19, 2004 — News Article

Francis Fox a refusé, Rabinovitch restera… by Michelle Coude-Lord

Francis Fox reportedly refuses top job at CBC amid rumours that Robert Rabinovitch's term may be extended.

Oct 19, 2004 — News Article

CBC's movie programming not far off hockey audience by Chris Zelkovich

CBC defends decision to air foreign film programming instead of Canadian hockey on Hockey Night in Canada despite effect of tripling foreign content during prime time.

Oct 19, 2004 — Blog Post

Conservative MP Response to FRIENDS Supporters on Appointments to CBC

Text of e-mail response from Conservative Party MPs to FRIENDS supporters who recently e-mailed the Prime Minister, copying their MP to advocate reform in CBC appointments.

Oct 18, 2004 — News Article

Dumbing down the air waves by Lysiane Gagnon

French CBC accused of reneging on cultural mandate to improve ratings.

Oct 18, 2004 — News Article

Can-con advocates attack CBC's 'Movie Night in Canada'

FRIENDS says CBC decision to air foreign movies during the NHL lockout regrettable, will reduce Canadian content to 1980s levels.

Oct 18, 2004 — Blog Post

Letter to CBC President Robert Rabinovitch

FRIENDS calls on CBC President to air Canadian hockey, not Hollywood blockbusters, on Hockey Night in Canada during NHL dispute.

Oct 15, 2004 — News Article

Canada Learns to Live Without N.H.L. by Rick Westhead

New York Times reports on impact of losses in advertising revenue due to hockey lockout.

Oct 14, 2004 — News Article

Ex-BBC head sheds light on conflict between media, politics by Yang Sung-jin

A talk given by former BBC Director General Greg Dyke in Seoul, Korea sparked a wave of criticism targeted at the state-run Korean broadcaster, decrying its closeness to the current government.

Oct 14, 2004 — News Article

Transcript of Debates

Minister of Canadian Heritage responds to question regarding parliamentary review of government appointments process, promises "transparent process" and "best people" will be used to fill forthcoming vacancies on CRTC.

Oct 12, 2004 — News Article

Multicultural Canada appearing on screen by Bernard Simon

UK newspaper reports on CBC's efforts to ensure programming reflects Canada's multicultural fabric.

Oct 11, 2004 — News Article

New regulation needed for all casters by Rebecca Schechter

The shortage of high quality English language Canadian drama is a critical issue which needs to be addressed by placing the blame where it belongs: not only on the private broadcasters but also on the CRTC and its 1999 Television Policy.

Oct 8, 2004 — News Article

Scrap BBC board of governors says Dyke by Alexa Baracaia

Former BBC director-general Greg Dyke calls for the abolition of the board of governors.

Oct 7, 2004 — News Article

Shock jock Stern set to return to Canada, courtesy of the CBC by Joanne Laucius

Howard Stern may find his way into Canada through a partnership between CBC and U.S. satellite broadcaster Sirius Radio.

Oct 7, 2004 — News Article

CBC, CTV gain world-wide fame

CBC's Opening Night and The Newsroom as well as CTV's Corner Gas are nominated for International Emmy Awards.

Oct 7, 2004 — News Article

CBC uncertain if Howard Stern part of plan to import Sirius satellite radio by John McKay

CBC claims proposed satellite radio service could choose to exclude Howard Stern from signals imported into Canada; critics fear it will be unable to resist demand.

Oct 6, 2004 — News Article

A shot in the arm for public TV by Will Hutton

UK communications regulator Ofcom pushes for a second and smaller version of the BBC designed to maintain the quality of public braodcasting by competing with the BBC.

Oct 5, 2004 — News Article

Nominations partisanes dénoncées à la SRC par Nathaëlle Morissette

Rumours that Paul Martin's former principal secretary is being considered for appointment to the presidency of the CBC make it unclear the Prime Minister is committed to reforming the process of patronage political appointments.

Oct 4, 2004 — News Article

The CBC's Seven Days of groundbreaking TV by Norman Hillmer

Famed 1960s CBC public affairs program was highly popular and distinctively Canadian, but ultimately cancelled because of its politically controversial style.

Sep 28, 2004 — News Article

Restructuration à RDI by Hugo Dumas

RDI head Martin Cloutier tenders his resignation and Paul Martin "tests out" the approval rating of Francis Fox as would-be CBC president.

Sep 25, 2004 — News Article

Call them the terrorists they are by Kelly McParland

National Post journalist criticizes CBC for drawing attention to paper's decision to change original wording of a Reuters story.

Sep 24, 2004 — News Article

Proof that Canada sure ain't the USA by Stephen Brunt

CBC decision to air debate between owners and players shows how much more popular hockey and NHL are in Canada, and how important televised hockey is to the CBC's bottom line.

Sep 24, 2004 — News Article

End cronyism when filling CBC top jobs, Martin urged

Groups say it is time that top positions at the CBC were filled transparently and at arm's length from government.

Sep 23, 2004 — Blog Post

Patronage Appointments to the CBC

Compilation of comments from former Parliamentary Committees, Commissions and Prime Minister Paul Martin, showing that all agree patronage should be removed from the CBC appointments process.

Sep 23, 2004 — News Article

End patronage at CBC, groups urge Martin

FRIENDS cites report showing appointments to CBC Board and presidency have often been made based on political affiliation rather than merit, calls for reform of appointments process.

Sep 23, 2004 — News Article

Media watchdog calls for changes to CBC appointments

FRIENDS calls for change in the way the government selects the CBC president and Board of Directors.

Sep 23, 2004 — News Article

A host of top jobs still unfilled by John Ibbitson

Article says a new Friends of Canadian Broadcasting report has provided evidence of patronage in CBC board appointments, but this is just one of many problems with the federal government's appointments process.

Sep 23, 2004 — News Release

End Patronage at CBC

FRIENDS releases new research suggesting the vast majority of CBC appointees have been affiliated with the governing political party, urges Prime Minister Paul Martin to end political patronage appointments to CBC.

Sep 22, 2004 — News Article

CBC plans Saturday night movies to replace hockey by John McKay

NHL lockout sees CBC replacing season games with Hollywood blockbuster films.

Sep 17, 2004 — News Article

L'ex-ministre Francis Fox pourrait se retrouver a la tete de Radio-Canada

Paul Martin's former principal secretary tops the list of candidates for the CBC presidency.

Sep 17, 2004 — News Article

Francis Fox à la tête de Radio-Canada? by Hugo Dumas

Article says Francis Fox is at the top of the list of candidates for the CBC presidency.

Sep 15, 2004 — News Article

Networks brace for expensive labour war by William Houston

If no agreement to resolve the NHL lockout is reached before January, networks like the CBC will lose a significant source of revenue and may be forced to cancel other programming.

Sep 8, 2004 — News Article

Networks up Canadian content

ACTRA disappointed that CBC, Global and CTV plan Canadian mini-series, films of the week and reality shows this fall, but are not investing in continuing Canadian drama series.

Aug 30, 2004 — News Article

Ex-head of BBC blasts Blair on Iraq by Elizabeth Renzetti

Greg Dyke memoir argues the government perceived the BBC as a political enemy, and treated it accordingly, because of the public broadcaster's Iraq war coverage.

Aug 26, 2004 — News Article

CBC's veil of secrecy

Article says CBC journalists have an argument for exemption from Access to Information Act, but CBC as a corporation does not.

Aug 26, 2004 — News Article

CTV seeks amendment to Newsnet licence by Richard Blackwell

CTV Newsnet asks CRTC for licence amendments to remove restrictions that would allow it to compete more directly with CBC Newsworld.

Aug 26, 2004 — News Article

Glitches fail to dull growing appetite for HDTV by Gordon Brockhouse

Growth in HDTV technology is mirrored by demand for made-in-Canada HDTV programming.

Aug 25, 2004 — News Article

The CBC says its journalistic integrity would be compromised should it be included under the Access to Information Act.

Aug 25, 2004 — News Article

CTV Newsnet: More News, More Canadian Perspective

CTV Newsnet seeks an amendment to its licence that would allow it to compete more directly with other English-language news services such as CBC Newsworld.

Aug 25, 2004 — News Article

Response of Hon. Stephen Harper to FRIENDS Supporter's Request for Clarification of Policy on Public Broadcasting

The first written response FRIENDS has seen to any of hundreds of persons who have shared their letters to Stephen Harper with us since April 2004, including our own letters of May 19, June 11 and June 14.

Aug 24, 2004 — News Article

Athletes telling athletes' stories by Aaron Wherry

The CBC Olympic coverage has benefited from the public broadcaster’s decision to cast athletes as commentators.

Aug 24, 2004 — News Article

CBC among agencies balking at inclusion under access-to-information
law by Jim Bronskill

The CBC argues that being included in the access-to-information law would compromise its ability to report the news because it would, amongst other things, threaten the sources of investigative journalists.

Aug 23, 2004 — News Article

CBC pulls off a juggling gold by Chris Zelkovich

CBC commended for coverage of Olympic events on an action-packed day and its decision to postpone commercials.

Aug 23, 2004 — News Article

O say can you see, the CBC?

Editorial says an increasing number of American viewers are turning to "grey market" satellite to watch superior Olympics coverage on CBC.

Aug 21, 2004 — News Article

Canadian 'mediocrity' allows CBC to cover Games better by June Thomas

U.S.-based columnist says foreigners like CBC coverage of the Olympic games because Canada's relatively modest performance allows it to provide more universal coverage.

Aug 19, 2004 — News Article

Viewership decrease doesn't worry CBC by William Houston

CBC says Olympic viewership numbers match projections.

Aug 17, 2004 — News Article

Heritage minister appoints panel to study access to foreign TV signals

Former Lincoln Committee chair appointed to panel studying broadcasting content in languages other than English or French in the Canadian broadcasting system.

Aug 14, 2004 — News Article

CRTC on threatened species list by Leslie Millin

Broadcasting space is no longer a scarce resource, and the CRTC is therefore obsolete, columnist says.

Aug 12, 2004 — News Article

CBC plans blanket coverage by Pat Hickey

CBC is the standard-bearer for Olympic coverage, overshadows U.S. networks.

Aug 11, 2004 — News Article

Canada, Al Jazeera, and Fox by Rondi Adamson

CRTC rulings, CBC display "left wing biases", opinion editorial says.

Aug 2, 2004 — News Article

Telefilm in lurch as Stursberg departs by Ian Edwards

As Richard Stursberg leaves Telefilm Canada before the expiration of his mandate, many wonder about the decisions and challenges the organization now faces.

Aug 2, 2004 — News Article

Klymkiw for Stursberg by Peter Vamos

Columnist suggests that CBC's executive director of network programming, Slawko Klymkiw, replace Richard Stursberg at Telefilm Canada.

Aug 2, 2004 — News Article

Industry bullish on new heritage minister by Laura Bracken

The Canadian broadcast industry appears thrilled by the appointement of Liza Frulla as Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Jul 31, 2004 — News Article

Tune in to today's needs by Dan Gardner

Columnist argues that the Broadcasting Act and CRTC are out of date and should be scrapped.

Jul 30, 2004 — News Article

Response of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell to FRIENDS Supporter's Letter Regarding the Privatization of the Knowledge Network

B.C. Premier confirms province is still considering "new delivery models" for the province's public educational broadcaster, Knowledge Network; a March 2004 FRIENDS poll showed 69% of British Columbians oppose its privatization.

Jul 26, 2004 — News Article

Alberta calls on CBC to broadcast Amber Alerts

CBC explains position on participating in Amber Alert program.

Jul 26, 2004 — News Article

Despicable CBC

National Post editorial argues against CBC policy on Alberta's Amber Alert program.

Jul 24, 2004 — News Article

New CBC-TV chief downplays thorny memo by Gayle MacDonald

New Vice-President of CBC English Television, Richard Stursberg, denies he personally penned a report suggesting that the CBC be made into three specialty channels, among other proposals.

Jul 22, 2004 — News Article

CBC lets an outsider in by Antonia Zerbisias

The appointment of Richard Stursberg to CBC's top job is receiving mixed reviews.

Jul 22, 2004 — News Article

Richard Stursberg named head of CBC TV by Michelle DaCruz

Richard Stursberg is appointed Vice-President of English Television at CBC/Radio-Canada.

Jul 22, 2004 — News Article

He wanted CBC-TV gone; now he's boss by Tony Atherton

Richard Stursberg is appointed Executive Vice President in charge of English Television at CBC/Radio Canada despite having once suggested that the English TV network be eliminated.

Jul 21, 2004 — News Article

CBC's curling deal leaves many fans feeling angry, frustrated by William Houston

Many are puzzled by the CBC's deal with the Canadian Curling Association; meanwhile, both maintain that everyone will benefit from the deal.

Jul 21, 2004 — News Article

CBC-TV gets new head

Richard Stursberg has been named executive vice-president of English language television for CBC/Radio-Canada.

Jul 21, 2004 — News Article

CBC staffers shocked as outsider gets top job by Gayle MacDonald

Many shocked and some dismayed as Robert Rabinovitch names Richard Stursberg executive vice-president of English television for CBC/Radio-Canada.

Jul 21, 2004 — News Article

Curling association signs $10 million deal with CBC by Chris Zelkovich

The Canadian Curling Association believes it can reach more households with the CBC then any other network, but deal draws criticism from some quarters.

Jul 21, 2004 — News Article

CBC/Radio-Canada Appoints Richard Stursberg Executive Vice President in charge of English Television

CBC announces appointment of Richard Stursberg to the top job at CBC English Television.

Jul 19, 2004 — News Article

The best of Canada's brands by Timothy Woolstencroft & Jeannette Hanna

Brand study reports that CBC brand draws polarized reactions.

Jul 18, 2004 — News Article

Vilified CRTC caught in the Act by Antonia Zerbisias

CRTC decisions on Quebec radio station, Al-Jazeera are those it was required to make under the Broadcasting Act.

Jul 17, 2004 — News Article

Why is this man the city's top morning radio host?

CBC Radio One's Metro Morning the highest rated morning show in Toronto.

Jul 16, 2004 — News Article

RAI dumps Berlusconi cronies

Parliament votes out four-member RAI board of governors, but the vote may not effectively reduce Italian Prime Minister's control over the broadcaster.

Jul 13, 2004 — News Article

Letter from Dalton McGuinty re TVO

Ontario premier says TVO will not be sold "in order to pay for the ongoing operation of the government," but does not dismiss the possibility of changes "to make sure we're truly focused on the priorities of Ontarians."

Jul 10, 2004 — News Article

Who will rule CBC-TV? by Gayle MacDonald

Columnist speculates on possible choices for the position of CBC executive vice-president and head of English-language television.

Jul 9, 2004 — News Article

Clarkson, CBC chief on way out? by Gillian Cosgrove

Columnist speculates CBC President will not be reappointed.

Jul 8, 2004 — News Article

TVOntario: the case for an overhaul

TVO should be cut off from tax support and turned into a not-for-profit entity like America's PBS, editorial says.

Jul 6, 2004 — News Article

BBC aims for Pounds 100m cuts by Tim Burt and Gautam Malkani

BBC aims to reduce overheads as it prepares to seek renewal of its royal charter.

Jul 5, 2004 — News Article

StatsCan confirms casters boosting revenue by Laura Bracken

Canada's TV broadcast industry posted record high revenues in 2003, StatsCan says.

Jul 5, 2004 — News Article

The CBC gets new marching orders

Official Languages Commissioner's examination of the CBC is an assault on the broadcaster's journalistic independence, editorial says.

Jul 5, 2004 — News Article

Liberal minority could push culture agenda by Laura Bracken

The new federal minority government may provide a welcoming space for culture groups to articulate their concerns.

Jul 1, 2004 — News Article

Some voted, millions watched

Millions of Canadians tuned in to CTV, CBC and Global's marathon election-night coverage. The largest number watched CBC.

Jun 24, 2004 — Blog Post

Conservative Party Candidates Talk about the CBC

Selection of statements by Conservative candidates in response to inquiries from FRIENDS supporters about the Conservative Party position on CBC.

Jun 24, 2004 — News Article

Future of CBC takes centre stage at all-candidates forum by Wayne Thibodeau

Conservative candidate promises to fight for CBC; other parties' candidates say he will have a hard time doing so in Ottawa.

Jun 22, 2004 — News Article

Seniors express more interest in the military, CBC than health by Peter Cowan

An all-candidates meeting in a Guelph shows CBC an important election issue for seniors.

Jun 21, 2004 — News Article

National lobby unveiled at Banff by Sean Davidson

Twenty Canadian media unions and associations have formed The Canadian Film & Television Industry Council to address cultural issues.

Jun 21, 2004 — News Article

Tory policy points to media rules shakeup by Laura Bracken

Leaked policy revealing the Conservatives' plan to restructure the CRTC and relax foreign ownership restrictions has pushed Canadian culture onto the election agenda.

Jun 19, 2004 — News Article

Dismantling CBC rips out our heart

The CBC is a vital expression of Canadian nationhood, letter-writer says.

Jun 18, 2004 — News Article

The cost of the Tory platform by Janice MacKinnon

The tax cuts proposed in the Conservative platform total $37 billion, which will come from cuts to programs like the CBC, columnist says.

Jun 17, 2004 — News Article

Lise Payette dénonce le traitement fait au femmes à Radio-Canada by Michelle Coudé-Lord

A women's committee in Radio-Canada's union seeks to close salary gaps between men and women at the broadcaster.

Jun 17, 2004 — News Article

Actors, writers make a play for neglected culture issues by Greg Quill

Actors' gathering at CBC headquarters urges public to ask why cultural issues are being ignored in the election campaign.

Jun 16, 2004 — News Article

Harper threatens Canadian media

Canadian people, not just television and film industry spokespeople, should be concerned about Conservative cultural and broadcasting policies.

Jun 16, 2004 — News Article

Harper will gut culture, festival told

Speakers at the Banff Television Festival call for political parties to disclose their cultural platforms.

Jun 15, 2004 — News Article

Arts groups fan fears of Tory Party win by Sandra Martin

Arts groups and Liberals criticize Tory arts policies; Conservatives and some commentators say there's nothing to worry about.

Jun 15, 2004 — News Article

TV executives warned by Liberal minister culture could be gone if
Tories win election by Judy Monchuk

At Banff Television Festival, Minister of Canadian Heritage denounces Conservative cultural policies, while Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union asks the Liberals to come clean about their own.

Jun 15, 2004 — News Article

Heritage minister pans Tory cultural platform by Alexandra Burroughs

Scherrer denounces Conservative cultural policies in her speech at the Banff Television Festival.

Jun 15, 2004 — News Article

Banff takes to the stump by Elizabeth Guider

With the federal election just two weeks away, political concerns overshadow traditional workshop topics at Banff Television Festival.

Jun 14, 2004 — Blog Post

Letter to Conservative Leader re: Policy Briefing Note for Candidates

Well-known Canadians join FRIENDS in expressing concern over policies proposed in Conservative party briefing note to candidates.

Jun 14, 2004 — News Release

Harper Urged To Reconsider Broadcasting Policies

Well-known Canadians join FRIENDS in urging Conservative leader to reconsider broadcasting policies contained in briefing note to Conservative candidates.

Jun 14, 2004 — News Article

Canada's heritage is at risk, Liberals warn by Drew Fagan

Liberal Heritage Minister to criticize Conservative cultural policies in speech at Banff Television Festival; dismissed by Conservatives as fear-mongering.

Jun 14, 2004 — News Article

Speaking notes for The Honourable Hélène Chalifour Scherrer, P.C., M.P., Minister of Canadian Heritage

Minister of Canadian Heritage discusses Liberal Party position on culture and broadcasting.

Jun 12, 2004 — News Article

Champion of Canadian broadcasting honoured at Banff fest by Alex Strachan

Daryl Duke, who will be awarded the John Drainie Award at the 2004 Banff Television Festival, says Canadian broadcasting and Canadian identity are under threat. Duke is a member of the Steering Committee of FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting.

Jun 11, 2004 — News Article

CPAC viewers getting their 10 cents worth by Hugh Winsor

CPAC's unique and detailed election coverage is a valuable alternative to other networks', columnist says.

Jun 11, 2004 — News Article

VoicePrint keeps it Canadian by Pearl Tsang

VoicePrint fundraiser to be held in Calgary this week.

Jun 10, 2004 — News Article

Big Bird flies right by Ken Auletta

PBS president Pat Mitchell is seeking a niche for the American public broadcaster amid political pressure, funding shortages and commercial competition.

Jun 10, 2004 — News Article

Summertime and the TV hype is breezy by Andrew Ryan

Unveiling of fall schedules reveals different personalities of Canada's television networks.

Jun 10, 2004 — News Article

TV shakes off gloom with $5.2b in revenue by Michael McCullough

StatsCan figures show that Canadian TV broadcasters' revenue growth was at a 15-year high in 2003.

Jun 10, 2004 — News Article

Tories would slash CRTC role by Ian Jack

A new Conservative policy handbook outlines the party's intent to loosen Canadian content reguations in the broadcasting sector.

Jun 9, 2004 — News Article

A television hit in Canada, a bust in the U.S.

CBC's broadcast of Stanley Cup final round draws record numbers of viewers.

Jun 9, 2004 — News Article

Tory leader sings praises of CBC 'professionalism'

Conservative leader's statements continue to suggest the Conservatives would eliminate subsidies for the CBC where it competes with private broadcasters.

Jun 8, 2004 — News Article

CBC's Stanley Cup final ratings among best ever recorded by the network

Stanley Cup final broadcasts drew record-high ratings for CBC in Canada and record-low ratings in the States.

Jun 8, 2004 — News Article

Television Broadcasting, 2003

All television revenues grew in 2003, with private and specialty channels outpacing public and non-commercial broadcasting. Digital channels are also enjoying some success.

Jun 8, 2004 — News Article

Tory wants funding for CBC switched off by Caroline Mallan

Conservative candidate calls for funding halt to "Communist Broadcasting Corporation", says national public broadcaster is a mouthpiece for the federal Liberal party and drives audiences away from private broadcasters.

Jun 5, 2004 — News Article

CBC's future not guaranteed by Tories or Liberals by Kevin Griffin

Stable, multi-year funding for the CBC, as recommended by the all-party report of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, has not been guaranteed in the platforms of either the Conservatives or the Liberals.

Jun 4, 2004 — News Article

Curtain falls on French-language hockey network broadcasts in Quebec

French-language Habs games will no longer be available on network television now that La Soirée du hockey has been pulled from Radio-Canada.

Jun 1, 2004 — News Article

S’il y a une grève la SRC se dit prête à abandonner la soirée des élections by Hugo Dumas

Management says Radio-Canada will not cover the federal election in the event of a strike by its employees.

May 31, 2004 — Blog Post

Letter to Lise Lareau, President, Canadian Media Guild

Response to a letter from the President of the Canadian Media Guild purporting to correct FRIENDS' factual statement that CMG, which is now CBC's largest union, is in fact the Canadian local of an American union, the Communications Workers of America.

May 28, 2004 — Blog Post

FRIENDS releases Advertising, Fair Play and the Media Candidate Guide

FRIENDS releases a guide to election advertising and other election-related media issues to federal election candidates across Canada.

May 28, 2004 — News Article

CBC unveils "high impact" fall TV program by John McKay

CBC's chief programmer says attracting audiences to Canadian programming is difficult but is the CBC's job.

May 28, 2004 — News Article

CBC hopes to make High Impact by Alex Strachan

CBC programming president Klymkiw says fall lineup is aimed at cutting through clutter of viewing choices and presenting programs that will be talked about.

May 28, 2004 — News Article

'Coronation' anchors CBC sked by Norma Reveler

CBC says by not airing simulcast American shows in prime time it must be smarter in its programming in order to attract audiences.

May 28, 2004 — News Article

CBC in shape for summer by Bill Brioux

CBC faces the challenge of luring viewers away from popular and expensive American shows on other Canadian networks, without the benefit of including such shows in its schedule.

May 24, 2004 — News Article

Canadians favor strong public 'casters by Mark Dillon

FRIENDS releases two new polls on state of public broadcasting, informs Senate committee and Dalton McGuinty of the results.

May 23, 2004 — Blog Post

FRIENDS Pre-Election Poll Results: Voters Support Canadian Content and Public Broadcasting

Pre-election polling commissioned by FRIENDS shows strong voter support for Canadian culture, Canadian content, and an independent and well-funded CBC. Voters also strongly support maintaining domestic control of Canadian communications/broadcasting companies and limiting media concentration. Includes links to opinion poll results, press releases, media coverage, and other documents.

May 23, 2004 — News Article

Why call an election now? by Graham Fraser

Campaign performance rather than polls are likely to decide the outcome of the 2004 federal election.

May 22, 2004 — News Article

Reality bites Canada by Alexandra Gill

Canada's national TV networks unveil a lineup of reality shows; supporters say it will satisfy Canadians' tastes, while critics say it will hurt Canadian drama.

May 21, 2004 — News Article

CBC helped Canada find its voice by Laura Neilson Bonikowsky

CBC's early history shows that many of the reasons for the public broadcaster's creation still exist today.

May 20, 2004 — News Article

Parties must come clean on media issues - union

On the eve of a federal election, a major union is calling on Canada's political parties to come clean with their policies on foreign ownership, media concentration, and the CBC.

May 20, 2004 — News Article

CBC gives its critics a platform by Antonia Zerbisias

CBC Newsworld interviews Leonard and David Asper, giving them a platform they would be unlikely to give their detractors.

May 20, 2004 — News Article

Harper's comments worry CBC friends by Graham Fraser

Conservative party leader echoes Asper family call for commercialization of parts of CBC that "compete" with private broadcasters.

May 20, 2004 — News Article

Harper's CBC views draw fire by Joe Friesen

FRIENDS surprised and concerned after Conservative party leader muses that CBC English TV and CBC Radio Two be commercialized.

May 19, 2004 — Blog Post

CBC News: Harper Comments on the CBC

Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper suggests his party may revisit government funding of CBC English television and Radio Two. 

May 19, 2004 — Blog Post

Letter to Hon. Stephen Harper Re: Conservative Party Policy Towards CBC

FRIENDS calls on Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper to clarify comments on public funding of CBC.

May 19, 2004 — Opinion Poll

Broadcasting Issues, Canada/US Relations and Canadian Public Opinion (Special Political Results Summary)

Pre-election poll commissioned by FRIENDS shows strong support among voters for strengthening Canadian culture and enhancing the CBC. This summary shows a breakdown of results by political party.

May 19, 2004 — Opinion Poll

Broadcasting Issues, Canada/US Relations and Canadian Public Opinion

Ipsos-Reid pre-election poll commissioned by FRIENDS shows Canadian voters support strengthening Canadian content, culture and identity as a means to balance closer integration with the United States.

May 19, 2004 — News Release

Closer Canada-US Relations Spark CAN-CON Support - survey

FRIENDS' pre-election poll shows strong support for safeguarding Canadian content, culture and identity to balance closer economic integration with the United States.

May 19, 2004 — News Article

CPAC Talk Politics with Ken Rockburn: Interview with Ian Morrison

CPAC's Ken Rockburn interviews Ian Morrison on the results of FRIENDS' pre-election polling on the CBC, foreign ownership of communications, and media concentration.

May 19, 2004 — News Article

Un nombre élevé de Canadiens veulent que la culture et l’identité canadiennes soient solidifiées par Paul Cauchon

FRIENDS survey reveals voter attitudes to Canadian culture on the eve of a federal election.

May 19, 2004 — News Article

Sobering news for drinkers, smokers by Robert Benzie

Finance Minister Greg Sorbara says Liberals won't sell assets such as TVO to pay for government spending.

May 19, 2004 — News Article

Harper Comments on the CBC

Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper suggests his party may revisit government funding of CBC English television and Radio Two.

May 19, 2004 — News Article

Gender, politics divide cultural views, survey finds

Nine out of 10 respondents to FRIENDS survey agreed that strengthening Canadian culture and identity is important as Canada-U.S. economic ties increase.

May 18, 2004 — News Article

Radio-Canada : un conflit sera-t-il évité durant la période électorale? by Michelle Coudé-Lord

Radio-Canada and union face pressure to avoid strike/lockout during federal election.

May 18, 2004 — News Article

La situation s’envenime à Radio-Canada by Paul Cauchon

Radio-Canada union seeks strike vote to address, among other issues, parity in job security with CBC workers in English Canada.

May 15, 2004 — News Article

CBC Watch

CBC demonstrates anti-Israel and anti-US biases that are a disservice to taxpayers, editorial says.

May 15, 2004 — News Article

TV woe by Catherine Dawson March

Fears of privatization at TVOntario are resulting in programming paranoia, and a narrow interpretation of broadcaster's educational mandate.

May 14, 2004 — Blog Post

Letter to Premier of Ontario re: TVOntario

FRIENDS calls on Government of Ontario to respect views of 76% of Ontarians, not sell TVOntario to a private broadcaster.

May 14, 2004 — Opinion Poll

Ontarians want their TVOntario to remain public

Ipsos-Reid poll commissioned by FRIENDS shows a strong majority of Ontarians say that they want TVOntario to remain in public hands.

May 14, 2004 — News Release

Ontarians Say Don’t Sell TVO

A strong majority of Ontario residents want TVO to remain in public hands, according to a new opinion survey commissioned by FRIENDS.

May 14, 2004 — News Article

Canadians say CBC helps distinguish us from U.S.

Friends poll shows Canadians want a stronger CBC, less media concentration and a Canadian-owned broadcasting system.

May 14, 2004 — News Article

Watchdog group offers broadcasting wish list

FRIENDS tells Senate committee that CBC still has widespread support.

May 13, 2004 — Opinion Poll

Canadian Broadcasting Counts with Voters

Ipsos-Reid poll commissioned by FRIENDS on the eve of a federal election shows Canadian voters favour maintaining foreign ownership rules, limiting media concentration, and strengthening CBC.

May 13, 2004 — Policy Brief

Oral Presentation to Senate Committee on Transport & Communications Study on the Current State of Canadian Media Industries

FRIENDS urges Senate Committee to support the 2003 recommendations of the House of Commons Heritage Committee, releases polling data evidencing popular support.

May 13, 2004 — News Article

Broadcast watchdog cites survey in push to preserve Canadian TV content

FRIENDS presents results of pre-election media issues poll to Senate Committee.

May 12, 2004 — News Release

Survey on Canadian Media Issues to be Released

FRIENDS to release pre-election poll on media issues Thursday, May 13, 10:45 a.m.

May 12, 2004 — News Article

Al Gore: Reaching north to reach young viewers by John Doyle

Al Gore may be able to make Newsworld International successful by emphasizing its differences from conventional American TV.

May 11, 2004 — News Article

If you like reality TV, you'll love next year's lineups by John Doyle

Canadian broadcasters unveil an unprecedented amount of reality shows for next season.

May 8, 2004 — News Article

Help Wanted. Fast.

There are many reasons why the CBC is having trouble finding a new head of English TV.

May 7, 2004 — News Article

CBC Radio walks on wild side by Murray Whyte

CBC Radio 3 focuses on non-traditional CBC audience.

May 5, 2004 — News Article

Gore buys former CBC channel by Gayle MacDonald

CBC will continue to program Newsworld International following its acquisition by former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore and his business partners.

May 4, 2004 — News Article

Gore buys Newsworld International

Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore has acquired Newsworld International for an undisclosed sum.

May 4, 2004 — News Article

Italy media boss quits in protest

The chairwoman of the Italian public broadcaster Rai has resigned to protest what she sees as political control by prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

May 4, 2004 — News Article

Former U.S. VP Gore buys Newsworld International

Al Gore is among the new owners of the oft-traded CBC Newsworld International.

May 1, 2004 — News Article

CBC will have no truck with HDTV in playoffs by William Houston

CBC probably won’t be airing HDTV sports until next year.

Apr 30, 2004 — News Article

Blowing the whistle on the CBC’s credibility by Colby Cosh

National Post columnist says whistleblower legislation controversy shows that CBC cannot be both journalistically independent from and financially dependent on government.

Apr 29, 2004 — News Article

CBC right to seek exemption from snitch law by Antonia Zerbisias

CBC staff must be exempt from whistleblower legislation to preserve their journalistic independence.

Apr 29, 2004 — News Article

The Corp. truly out of touch; axe Cherry on your own dime by Bill Brioux

Columnist argues CBC's treatment of Don Cherry makes it a "left-leaning laughingstock", should forego public subsidy if it fires the controversial sportscaster.

Apr 29, 2004 — News Article

The puck stops here for Grapes by Gayle Macdonald

Don Cherry may leave the CBC and Coach’s Corner due to conflict with station officials and concerns about political correctness.

Apr 28, 2004 — News Article

Specialty beats conventional, says survey

A new survey shows Canadians increasingly prefer programming on specialty channels to that of conventional broadcasters.

Apr 28, 2004 — News Article

CBC wants exemption from whistleblower law: Says independence at risk by Bill Curry

CBC believes whistleblower legislation will undermine integrity of its journalists; critics say broadcaster is trying to avoid accountability measures.

Apr 26, 2004 — News Article

How to run the CBC by Peter Mansbridge

Canadian arts personalities’ 1956 suggestions for improving the CBC bear striking similarity to today’s recommendations.

Apr 22, 2004 — News Article

In report, regulators press BBC on quality by Eric Pfanner

Report by British communications regulator says BBC should stick to "core" public service broadcasting function.

Apr 21, 2004 — Speech

Public Service Broadcasting – Its Special Responsibilities

Remarks by Ian Morrison, Spokesperson, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, to the Asia Media Summit 2004, Kuala Lumpur.

Apr 12, 2004 — News Article

APTN audience grows

Audience for aboriginal programming almost doubles between 1999 and 2003.

Apr 6, 2004 — News Article

André Boisclair demande la tenue d'un débat public sur l'avenir de Télé-Québec par Paul Cauchon

Budget reductions to Quebec educational broadcaster Télé-Québec critized by government opposition.

Apr 5, 2004 — News Article

Médias - Télé-Québec: la mort à petit feu? par Paul Cauchon

Funding cuts to Télé-Québec almost as harmful as privatisation.

Apr 2, 2004 — News Article

Policy Briefing Note for Candidates

Internal policy document leaked to media shows Conservative Party would relax or remove communications sector foreign ownership restrictions (p. 11), downsize and limit the role of the CRTC (p. 13) and remove protection for Canadian programming in the satellite distribution market (p. 14).

Apr 2, 2004 — News Article

News gets half of TV budget by Graham Fraser

Senate report reveals news accounts for 54 per cent of expenditures on Canadian programming by conventional broadcasters.

Apr 2, 2004 — News Article

CBC audience less than 6% despite nearly $10b in subsidies by Tim Naumetz

National Post covers Senate interim report on media concentration by focusing on low CBC audience share.

Apr 2, 2004 — News Article

Senate says CBC losing TV viewers

Senate report shows CBC market share has declined since 1997.

Apr 2, 2004 — News Article

Da Vinci double-header jostles with the Junos by John Doyle

Juno Awards run opposite "brilliant" CBC drama.

Mar 29, 2004 — Opinion Poll

Attitudes Toward the Knowledge Network in British Columbia

Ipsos-Reid poll shows more than twice as many British Columbians oppose than favour the provincial government's proposed sale of Knowledge Network to private broadcasters.

Mar 29, 2004 — News Release

Don’t Sell Knowledge Network – British Columbians

FRIENDS survey of British Columbians says most oppose the sale of the provincial public educational broadcaster, Knowledge Network.

Mar 29, 2004 — News Article

Poll shows support for B.C. public television

FRIENDS poll shows majority of British Columbians support maintaining public ownership of Knowledge Network.

Mar 29, 2004 — News Article

Network sale opposed

In a survey, 69 percent of B.C. residents opposed selling the educational broadcaster Knowledge Network to a private company.

Mar 28, 2004 — News Article

British Columbians oppose privatization of Knowledge Network, poll shows by Tiffany Crawford

B.C. plan to seek private sector "operating partner" for public educational television network opposed by majority of British Columbians.

Mar 25, 2004 — News Article

Little joy for CBC in budget by Antonia Zerbisias

CBC unlikely to receive the attention it needs from a weakened Liberal government.

Mar 25, 2004 — News Article

Group said to be buying Newsworld International by Paul Brent

A U.S. investor group is reported to have agreed to buy the CBC specialty channel Newsworld International.

Mar 23, 2004 — News Article

Martin sits on surplus while Canada crumbles

Liberal budget criticized for paying down debt at the expense of rebuilding Canada.

Mar 23, 2004 — News Article

BBC staff attack 'kangaroo court' by Tim Luckhurst

Internal BBC disciplinary inquiry prompted by Hutton report described as "kangaroo court" and "enormously frightening".

Mar 23, 2004 — News Article

Radio that goes thump in the night by Murray Whyte

Commentary on continuing impact of CBC Radio's late night show, Brave New Waves.

Mar 23, 2004 — News Article

Here's to the nattering nobodies who hate the CBC by John Doyle

Doyle offers commentary on nature of Canadian television industry, CBC radio.

Mar 20, 2004 — News Article

CBS primes Vinyl Cafe for small screen

U.S. network commissions pilot based on CBC Radio show.

Mar 17, 2004 — News Article

The CBC's vanishing point by John Weissenberger and George Koch

National Post contributors argue CBC should be cut off entirely from public financial support.

Mar 17, 2004 — News Article

Minister says patronage appointments to refugee board are out

FRIENDS notes that despite reforms, the president of CBC will still be appointed by the Prime Minister rather than the CBC Board.

Mar 17, 2004 — News Article

Don't take TVO private: poll by James Adams

A poll of Ontarians shows most do not support plans to privatize TVOntario.

Mar 16, 2004 — News Release

CBC President Remains Beholden to the Prime Minister

FRIENDS says the Liberal government's changes to the Crown corporation appointments process leave the CBC President at the mercy of the Prime Minister.

Mar 16, 2004 — News Article

Alternative Federal Budget 2004: Rebuilding the Foundations

Alternative federal budget discusses importance of public investment in CBC, Canadian broadcasting and Canadian culture (see pp. 33-34).

Mar 15, 2004 — News Article

The Politics of Neglect of Canadian Broadcasting Policy by Marc Raboy and David Taras

Communications professors who advised House of Commons Heritage Committee on Our Canadian Sovereignty report say there is no going back if foreign ownership limits are removed.

Mar 14, 2004 — Speech

Issues on the Canadian Media Landscape

Remarks by Ian Morrison, Spokesperson, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, to the Prairie Region of the Canadian University Press, University Centre, University of Manitoba.

Mar 14, 2004 — News Article

Sheila's temper heating up by Alexander Panetta

FRIENDS recalls Sheila Copps' 

Mar 13, 2004 — News Article

A radio secret by John Allemang

Radio Canada cancels morning show on its Toronto FM signal, la chaîne culturelle.

Mar 12, 2004 — News Article

CBC still doesn't get it by Gillian Cosgrove

National Post columnist argues the CBC's refusal to air the Conservative leadership debate shows it is being mismanaged.

Mar 11, 2004 — News Article

Program changes seen for CBC by Gayle MacDonald

Major programming overhaul forecast at CBC once executive vice-president of English television Harold Redekopp retires.

Mar 10, 2004 — News Article

CBC at crossroads with VP's resignation by Antonia Zerbisias

Executive vice president of CBC-TV stepping down from what is arguably the most powerful position in Canadian television.

Mar 10, 2004 — News Article

Same old stuff springs eternal by John Doyle

John Doyle comments on television repeats, originality and reality programming.

Mar 9, 2004 — News Article

TVO gives children a head start by Margaret N. McCain

High quality educational television available to Ontarians has everything to do with public funding of TVO.

Mar 5, 2004 — News Article

The CBC gets your money, like it or not by Jeremy Loome

Columnist says in an era of choice, taxpayers should be given the choice not to fund CBC.

Mar 5, 2004 — News Article

Cherry Should Stick To Hockey by Gary Rinne

Columnist says CBC failed to act early and decisively to censure Cherry.

Mar 4, 2004 — News Article

Canadian networks unveil shopping lists for new shows seeking public funding by John McKay

Both CBC and CTV this week unveiled ambitious plans, pending funding from the Canadian Television Fund, for a variety of new Canadian prime time drama series, sitcoms and movies of the week for the 2004-2005 season.

Mar 4, 2004 — News Article

Shocked by Keyes' assault on a vitally informative service; The CBC by Ron Lancaster

Letter to the Editor expresses shock at comments by Liberal MP Stan Keyes, says CBC and public broadcasting are vital.

Mar 2, 2004 — News Article

NDP condems Liberal's plan to sell of CBC

NDP argues private broadcasters cannot replace CBC.

Mar 2, 2004 — News Article

Paul Martin says he supports CBC after MP Keyes voices criticism

Paul Martin makes first public statement about CBC in response to remark by federal minister Stan Keyes that the public broadcaster is a "monster" and implying it should be sold.

Mar 2, 2004 — News Article

Liberal flirts with sale of CBC by Antonia Zerbisias

National Revenue Minister and Liberal MP Stan Keyes proposes sale of CBC; Rabinovitch tenure as CBC president may not be renewed.

Mar 1, 2004 — News Article

TVO going private? by Sean Davidson

FRIENDS believes TVO would pose certain regulatory and financial problems for a private operator, notes that privatization has been proposed before.

Feb 28, 2004 — News Article

Culture is winning the war on health care by Michael Campbell

Columnist criticizes taxpayer funding of CBC when provinces lack resources for health care.

Feb 27, 2004 — News Article

Antiques, gays pass for CBC coverage by Gillian Cosgrove

CBC's choice not to run the first of two debates among the leadership candidates for the Conservative party is said to depict that the "state broadcaster" [sic] has become disconnected from the concerns of average Canadians.

Feb 26, 2004 — News Article

Luckily, we're brilliant at performing-arts TV by John Doyle

While indigenous Canadian drama usually does not sell well abroad, performing-arts productions typically impress international audiences.

Feb 26, 2004 — News Article

Are they kidding us? by Jason Chow

National Post contributor draws analogy between CBC funding and federal sponsorship scandal, suggests both have "defrauded the Canadian people".

Feb 26, 2004 — News Article

It's in Labour's interests to keep the BBC independent by Jackie Ashley

Writer says the longer-term interests of British public life require an independent BBC even if it causes difficulty and offence to the UK government now.

Feb 25, 2004 — News Article

Rejuvenated NFB plots a new course by Gayle MacDonald

The National Film Board is said to be enjoying success by following its original mandate of making important social issue documentaries.

Feb 24, 2004 — News Article

Expect the Canadian TV drama crisis to worsen by John Doyle

New shows suggest Canadian drama is thriving; in reality, cuts to government funding of film and television production have created a deepening crisis.

Feb 24, 2004 — News Article

Opposition party report calls for breakup of BBC by Robert Baar

Report by opposition party in the UK recommends breakup of BBC and severe cuts to public funding of all but BBC radio, certain public service programming and the channel which carries Parliamentary proceedings.

Feb 21, 2004 — News Article

Reinventing the CBC

National Post editorial argues the CBC should be scaled down, receive only modest public funding and not air sports, sitcoms or mainstream dramas, so government can focus resources on "real priorities".

Feb 20, 2004 — News Article

Clement targets CBC for spending review by Chris Wattie

Tony Clement says federal spending should be slashed by billions of dollars, suggests looking at funding of CBC.

Feb 20, 2004 — News Article

Sweeps stunts not likely to sweep you off your feet by John Doyle

Columnist speculates that lacklustre sweeps period is unlikely to entice many viewers.

Feb 20, 2004 — News Article

Time for Hutton North by Rondi Adamson

Writer believes the CBC is biased, deserves scrutiny similar to that given the BBC by the Hutton report.

Feb 19, 2004 — News Article

Afghan Mansbridge draws lukewarm ratings

Report on ratings for The National in Afghanistan.

Feb 19, 2004 — News Article

Finally, sophistication is seeping into the CBC by Russell Smith

Columnist praises CBC for investing in "sophisticated", "humorous", "biting" shows like The Newsroom.

Feb 19, 2004 — News Article

Afghanistan: no jiggery-pokery there by John Doyle

Columnist notes irony that CBC flagship news program airs from Afghanistan in the same week as the Liberal sponsorship scandal breaks.

Feb 18, 2004 — News Article

Fickleness about Finkleman blowing hole in CBC ratings by Martin Knelman

Viewers' apparent aversion to The Newsroom star is creating rating and scheduling problems for the CBC.

Feb 18, 2004 — News Article

CBC Victoria to add afternoon radio show

Victoria's CBC radio station will expand its programming in September to include a live afternoon show.

Feb 18, 2004 — News Article

Ontario Liberals considering selling TVOntario

Ontario Liberals' Budget Town Hall document floats sale of publicly-funded TVOntario: "Currently, the government pays $54 million a year to operate TVOntario...Is this the best way to spend money to achieve results in education?"

Feb 16, 2004 — News Article

CTF 'a priority' for Scherrer by Ian Edwards

Scherrer admits there is presently no Plan B to assist the production sector if money cut from the Canadian Television Fund is not restored.

Feb 16, 2004 — News Article

Groups unite in open letter to Ottawa by Sean Davidson

A coalition including the CBC, ACTRA, the CFTPA and the CAB is asking Finance Minister Ralph Goodale to restore Ottawa's support of the Canadian Television Fund.

Feb 16, 2004 — News Article

Newsworld overhaul kills off CounterSpin

CBC Newsworld will change its fall prime-time current affairs lineup; a similar review is reportedly underway at CBC.

Feb 16, 2004 — News Article

The Wreck of the BBC by Gerard Baker

Writer argues that Hutton report exposed the BBC's fatal flaws, confirmed that the BBC has "lost its way".

Feb 15, 2004 — News Article

Everydays and everyways, I hate by Antonia Zerbisias

Cable sports channels and private broadcasters benefit from government protection as surely as CBC does.

Feb 14, 2004 — News Article

Where's the debate on the scandal? by Terence Corcoran

Financial Post Editor says Canadian broadcasting regulation stifles provocative debate on television.

Feb 13, 2004 — News Article

CBC is the problem by Rick Salutin

Columnist argues the CBC's reaction to Don Cherry episode illustrates a lack of understanding of popular culture.

Feb 12, 2004 — News Article

Groups say FCC ownership rules would stifle public discourse

Media access groups argue that new FCC broadcasting ownership rules may lead to a few large companies owning most of the major sources of news gathering and reporting in some markets.

Feb 12, 2004 — News Article

Quebec minister slams CBC, Cherry by Rhéal Séguin

Quebec Sports Minister Jean-Marc Fournier says CBC and Don Cherry are promoting both racist messages and the wrong values about sports.

Feb 11, 2004 — News Article

Feds failing to protect Canadian heritage, says auditor general by Sandra Abma

Auditor General Sheila Fraser says the Canadian government is neglecting historic sites, buildings and documents.

Feb 11, 2004 — News Article

CBC dodges bullet this week by William Houston

CBC ready to censor Cherry if necessary by prematurely ending his segment.

Feb 11, 2004 — News Article

CBC sends in the knucklehead police by John Doyle

CBC's reaction to Don Cherry is said to be questionable, considering his job is to start arguments.

Feb 10, 2004 — News Article

Censoring Cherry proves tricky for CBC by Michael Posner and William Houston

Commentators say seven-second delay on Cherry may be unworkable and hurt quality of Hockey Night in Canada.

Feb 10, 2004 — News Article

How to deal with the delay by Gerry Flahive

Documentary producer provides tongue-in-cheek commentary on Don Cherry controversy.

Feb 10, 2004 — News Article

Mansbridge will anchor from Kabul by Chris Wattie

Critics call CBC decision to broadcast The National from Kabul, Afghanistan a ratings stunt.

Feb 9, 2004 — News Article

Ontario government raises touchy topics by Richard Mackie

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says government may consider selling off TVOntario.

Feb 9, 2004 — News Article

7-second delay won't be Cherry's demise by Chris Zelkovich

Don Cherry predicted to survive content scrutiny.

Feb 7, 2004 — News Article

Coaches Corner copout by Michael Farber

CBC should choose between firing Don Cherry and giving him free reign.

Feb 7, 2004 — News Article

CBC accused of 'censoring' Cherry by Michael Friscolanti and Joe Paraskevas, with files from Anne Dawson and Allan Woods

Critics are calling the CBC's implementation of a seven second tape-delay on Don Cherry's hockey commentary an attack on freedom of expression.

Feb 6, 2004 — News Article

CBC apologizes for Don Cherry comments, commits to tape delay by Bruce Cheadle

CBC responds to objectionable Don Cherry comments by committing to broadcast future editions of Coach's Corner on a seven-second tape delay.

Feb 5, 2004 — News Article

Dates and times may vary -- you're on your own by John Doyle

Shifting of television schedules and time slots has become commonplace.

Feb 4, 2004 — News Article

Pull plug on CBC's national embarrassment by Jack Todd

Columnist believes it is no longer sufficient for the CBC to say that it disagrees with Cherry's opinions: Cherry's contract should be terminated.

Feb 3, 2004 — News Article

BBC chief's downfall result of mishandled governance by David Olive

BBC scandal could undo the legacy of leadership until recently celebrated as a role model for private-sector media moguls.

Feb 1, 2004 — News Article

Media freedoms face an ice age by Peter Preston

Media freedoms, already set back by the Iraq war, will be further constrained in the wake of the Hutton Report on the BBC.

Jan 31, 2004 — News Article

Reporter's resignation fuels fear about the BBC by Doug Saunders

The BBC is right to be worried that the government may slash its budget and place it under private-sector regulation when its charter is up for renewal in 2006.

Jan 30, 2004 — News Article

HD licenses approved by Commission

CRTC approves transitional digital television licenses for CBC and several private broadcasters.

Jan 30, 2004 — News Article

New faces at the top will not be enough

The BBC must re-establish its reputation by reasserting itself as an independent and authoritative source of news.

Jan 30, 2004 — News Article

Journalism must not give up on its gold standard by John Lloyd

The BBC can once again be a model for journalism, but it must return to the gold standard of telling the whole truth.

Jan 30, 2004 — News Article

CBC racks up awards at international broadcast media festival

The CBC won 11 awards at an international broadcast media competition.

Jan 30, 2004 — News Article

A blow to journalism that dares to question by John Doyle

The UK government and the Hutton report have dealt a blow to both journalistic integrity and the BBC brand.

Jan 29, 2004 — News Article

Anchors aweigh with unwise words by Antonia Zerbisias

Well-known journalists have an obligation to act professionally when there's a camera on.

Jan 29, 2004 — News Article

BBC's Chairman Quits After Hutton Report, as a Watchdog Becomes the Watched by Sarah Lyall

Journalism advocates were dismayed by Lord Hutton's report on the BBC, which they fear will have a chilling effect on the entire UK news media's ability to question the government.

Jan 28, 2004 — News Article

Superior? Stop kidding yourself, Canada by John Doyle

When prime time television does focus on Canada, says John Doyle, much of it is devoted to reflecting our relationship with the United States.

Jan 28, 2004 — News Article

BBC chairman quits over Hutton

BBC chair resigns after report of British House of Commons inquiry into death of scientist David Kelly exonerates government, criticizes BBC.

Jan 27, 2004 — News Article

'Mr Television' says there's little to watch by Lynne McNamara

Daryl Duke, producer, director and member of FRIENDS' steering committee, comments on the lowering of standards in North American television and the importance of local programming.

Jan 27, 2004 — News Article

It's a seller's market for media, banker says by Eric Reguly & Andrew Willis

Craig family may be seeking more money for Craig Media Inc. than the company is worth.

Jan 26, 2004 — News Article

Great flicks on a winter day by Roger Currie

Columnist praises CBC for airing film classics no private broadcaster would have run.

Jan 23, 2004 — News Article

New Heritage boss reassures arts world by Ray Conlogue

New Heritage Minister, Hélène Chalifour Scherrer, believes mandate is to establish a vision for guarding the Canadian identity, not necessarily "know what books were published last week".

Jan 22, 2004 — News Article

Stories you might have missed by Antonia Zerbisias

Columnist discusses how so many important issues and events are ignored while others are over-covered.

Jan 21, 2004 — Blog Post

Letter to Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada

FRIENDS believes that support for CBC and strengthened cultural sovereignty are consistent with the Paul Martin government's stated goals.

Jan 21, 2004 — News Article

Knowledge Network changes could include ads by Maurice Bridge

British Columbia's public service educational broadcaster, Knowledge Network TV, could soon be running commercials if a private broadcasting "partner" is appointed to help manage the channel.

Jan 20, 2004 — News Article

Independence and Integrity II: The Updated Ethics Guide for Public Radio Journalism

Text of newly-published ethics guide for public radio journalism.

Jan 20, 2004 — News Article

Why an Ethics Guide for Public Radio? by Jeffrey A. Dvorkin

National Public Radio ombudsman discusses the need for an ethics guide in public radio journalism.

Jan 20, 2004 — News Article

Fearless TV Ontario an asset to cling to by Antonia Zerbisias

Zerbisias says allowing Ontario Liberal Premier to sell off TVOntario to grapple with the provincial deficit would be a serious blow to public broadcasting.

Jan 20, 2004 — News Article

Insider seeks Liberal nod in Ottawa South by Dave Rogers

Sheila Gervais, on leave from job as head of government relations at CBC, is seeking the Liberal nomination in the Ottawa South constituency.

Jan 19, 2004 — News Article

Producers gather in interesting times by Mark Dillon

The Canadian film and television community is looking for signs of a long-term commitment from government to encourage Canadian production.

Jan 19, 2004 — News Article

A nomad at play in radio land by André Alexis

CBC backs innovative radio program by novelist André Alexis.

Jan 19, 2004 — News Article

Public airwaves: where Delahunty can roam free by Bill Roberts

VisionTV CEO argues CBC should share the public service broadcasting space with other public broadcasters.

Jan 19, 2004 — News Article

Indie music and beyond by Alexandra Gill

CBC Radio 3 is challenging popular perceptions of the public broadcaster.

Jan 17, 2004 — News Article

Canada not for sale at any price by Ian Jack

New Minister of Canadian Heritage indicates that she supports maintaining Canadian ownership of the communications sector.

Jan 15, 2004 — News Article

CBC showing its age in Sook-Yin Lee tempest by Russell Smith

Columnist says conflict between Sook-Yin Lee and the CBC is a classic example of the CBC wanting to appeal to a younger audience, but unwilling to alienate its aging core audience.

Jan 15, 2004 — News Article

Arts groups impressed with Heritage Minister by Ray Conlogue

New Canadian Heritage Minister Helene Scherrer says she understands the importance of stable funding for arts organizations, but is committed to freezing current budgets.

Jan 15, 2004 — News Article

CBC-TV happy with its Monday-night ratings

Nielsen ratings for CBC Television's Monday night line-up of new shows exceeded expectations.

Jan 15, 2004 — News Article

CBC lets radio host act in steamy film by Gayle MacDonald

CBC says freedom of expression not the reason for reluctance to approve radio host's leave to star in controversial film.

Jan 14, 2004 — News Article

Heritage chief offers arts hope by Martin Knelman

Helene Scherrer's early meeting with five Ontario arts organizations gives hope she will address the problems facing the arts community.

Jan 14, 2004 — News Article

Harper stunt smacks of CBC bias by Gerry Nicholls

National Post contributor calls for privatized CBC after comic embarrasses Conservative Party leadership candidate Stephen Harper.

Jan 13, 2004 — News Article

Out of the Wilderness by Antonia Zerbisias

Moses Znaimer may succeed Isabel Bassett as CEO of TVOntario.

Jan 13, 2004 — News Article

La Chaîne culturelle de Radio-Canada - Une radio culturelle à redéfinir par Sylvain Lafrance

CBC Vice-President of French radio reflects on the essential cultural contribution of public radio.

Jan 13, 2004 — News Article

La Chaîne culturelle en introspection par Paul Cauchon

The French CBC, which defines itself as the cultural channel, is once again analyzing its role in the broadcasting system.

Jan 12, 2004 — News Article

Three new shows make it a big night for CBC by John Doyle

CBC unveiled three new Canadian shows in one night: Rick Mercer's Monday Report, The Newsroom and This is Wonderland.

Jan 12, 2004 — News Article

This kid stays in the picture by Michael Posner

Star of new CBC series This is Wonderland is the kind of talent that justifies a Canadian star system.

Jan 12, 2004 — News Article

Wrinkles are harder to hide on HDTV by Christian Cotroneo

Technological advantages aside, FRIENDS says high definition television is primarily a vehicle for delivering higher income viewers to advertisers.

Jan 10, 2004 — News Article

O'Brien organizer bans newspaper by Siri Agrell

CanWest complains of media censorship, demands Senate inquiry after organizers refuse National Post access to Conan O'Brien during his visit to Toronto.

Jan 9, 2004 — News Article

Bassett role at TVO to change by Robert Benzie

Provincial Liberal government will reportedly replace Isabel Bassett as CEO of TVOntario, though she would continue to serve as part-time chair.

Jan 8, 2004 — News Article

Government spending on culture rises by Norma Greenaway

Summary of expenditures that resulted in 10-year high in culture spending by government in fiscal 2001-2002.

Jan 7, 2004 — News Article

Government expenditures on culture, 2001/02

Government spending on culture increased at its fastest rate in a decade in 2001/02, as the federal government pumped a record amount into cultural activities. Combined, all three levels of government spent a total of $6.8 billion on everything from libraries to the performing arts.

Jan 6, 2004 — News Article

No concessions as the BBC chairman stands firm by Tim Burt

The head of the BBC fears a report on its war coverage and the death of British Scientist David Kelly will be used as an assault on its funding mechanism, self-regulation and corporate governance.

Jan 6, 2004 — News Article

CBC-TV apologizes for promo-heavy broadcast

CBC-TV apologizes after over-airing a series of in-house promos for upcoming CBC shows.

Jan 5, 2004 — News Article

Studio 2 alive and well by Tony Atherton

Ten-year-old TVO current affairs program Studio 2 has survived despite initial antipathy from private broadcasters and government ministers.

Jan 5, 2004 — News Article

CMG wins CBC union vote by Mark Dillon

Head of Canadian Media Guild, affiliated with the Communications Workers of America, downplays the affiliation and says Guild membership will be "very good" for CBC.

Jan 5, 2004 — News Article

News wins, drama wanes in CRTC report by Ian Edwards

CRTC says spending on Canadian news and information programming increased 36% between 1998 and 2002, while the figure for drama and comedy programming was only 11%.

Jan 5, 2004 — News Article

Western Standard will be antidote to Maclean's, the CBC by Ezra Levant

National Post advertises new magazine, the Western Standard, as an "antidote" to "mushy, left-wing, politically correct media" such as the CBC.

Jan 5, 2004 — News Article

Report? What report? Critics warn that media concentration is threatening debate and broadcast reform by Sean Davidson

Lukewarm coverage of Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage report, Our Cultural Sovereignty, is argued to reflect the censorship by omission that can result from media concentration.

Jan 2, 2004 — News Article

Letter to the Editor: Study overwhelmingly endorsed CBC journalism by Christine Wilson

CBC's internal study overwhelmingly endorsed CBC news and The National.