All CBC / Public Broadcasting Articles — 1998

Dec 4, 1998 — News Article

Who should appoint CBC presidents? by Jeffrey Simpson

The government should insulate the CBC from political interference by allowing its board of directors to choose its president

Nov 19, 1998 — News Article

Change to CBC bill lauded

Liberals have backed down on Bill C-44 clause allowing government to fire CBC president “at pleasure”

Nov 19, 1998 — News Article

Planned controls over broadcaster will not go ahead by William Walker

Liberals have backed down on Bill C-44 clause allowing government to fire CBC president “at pleasure”

Oct 8, 1998 — News Release

Prominent Canadian Journalists Speak Out Against Bill C-44

21 respected journalists sign letter opposing changes that would compromise political independence of CBC

Oct 8, 1998 — News Release

Radio-Chrétien en Perspective?

Oct 1, 1998 — Blog Post

What Others Said About Bill C-44

Comments from current and former CBC presidents, Fifth Estate host, Heritage Minister on bill threatening CBC autonomy

Jul 26, 1998 — News Article

Bill C-44 threatens CBC autonomy by Tony Atherton

Bill C-44 would allow government to fire CBC officials at will, undermining public broadcaster’s political independence

Jul 22, 1998 — News Article

CBC Radio Cuts: Shortfall surprises CBC Radio - 'Serious' problem will mean layoffs

Unexpected budget shortfall on heels of years of cutbacks will result in layoffs

Jul 20, 1998 — Blog Post

Letter to CBC President Re: Bill C-44

Friends urges CBC President to lobby government against bill restricting CBC’s political independence

Jul 1, 1998 — Blog Post

Bill C-44 Legal Interpretation

Legal research on Bill C-44 shows CBC president, board could indeed be dismissed without cause if bill were adopted

Jun 30, 1998 — Policy Brief

Submission to CRTC re Canadian Television Policy [PN CRTC 1998-44]

Friends’ report to CRTC on state of Canadian Television, recommendations for policy changes

May 6, 1998 — News Release

CRTC's Canadian Television Policy Review Announced

Important CRTC hearings on Canadian TV policy do not appear to consider local programming, crucial role of CBC

Mar 26, 1998 — Blog Post

Letter to Prime Minister Re: Appointments to CBC, CRTC

Friends asks Jean Chrétien to reform appointment process to CBC, CRTC to include public nominations, published criteria

Mar 26, 1998 — News Release

A Few Good White Men – From Central Canada

To better reflect Canada’s diversity, Friends recommends overhaul to appointment procedure to CBC, CRTC, including published criteria, public nominations process

Mar 26, 1998 — News Release

Vacancies on the CBC Board and at the CRTC

Chrétien must fill positions on CBC board of directors, CRTC with individuals more representative of Canada’s diversity than he has in past appointments