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Nov 4, 2015 — News Article

We can restore CBC/Radio-Canada : Letter to the Honorable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, from the Canadian Media Guild and le Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada

The Canadian Media Guild and Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada urge the new Minister of Canadian Heritage to act immediately to stop the ongoing dismantling of CBC/Radio-Canada.

Nov 4, 2015 — News Article

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada following the swearing-in of the 29th Ministry

In his statement, Prime Minister says his government will reinvest in Canada's cultural and creative industries.

Nov 3, 2015 — News Article

Trudeau's pledge of arts investment leaves cultural groups cautiously optimistic

Justin Trudeau's campaign vow to renew investment in the arts was music to the industry's ears, and as the Liberal leader prepares for his swearing-in as Canada's 23rd prime minister next week, the prevailing mood among cultural groups is of cautious optimism.

Nov 1, 2015 — News Article

Independent journalism and the future of the CBC

Al Jazeera's The Listening Post's Flo Phillips reports on the future of the CBC.

Oct 30, 2015 — News Article

Unions call on CBC president and board to step down

The two main unions representing CBC workers are demanding that president and CEO Hubert Lacroix and the board of directors step down for failing to defend public broadcasting.

Oct 30, 2015 — News Article

A host of reasons why unions want CBC head and board gone by Peter Henderson

Columnist says the Canadian Media Guild, which represents the employees of CBC’s English services as well as its French services outside Quebec and New Brunswick, says Lacroix and his board of directors have lost their legitimacy and the confidence of the staff.

Oct 30, 2015 — News Article

Trudeau’s Liberals must beware sore winner syndrome by Susan Delacourt

Columnist says Sun TV was the Conservatives’ attempt to mimic — to the point of exaggerated caricature — what they believed to be the operating principle of CBC and its relationship with Liberals.

Oct 28, 2015 — Blog Post

CBC/Radio-Canada Key Contacts

Contact information for the CBC/Radio-Canada board of directors and other key individuals.

Oct 23, 2015 — News Article

Saving The CBC by Craig Adolphe

Columnist says decades of funding cuts under both the Liberal and Conservative governments and political interference through board appointments by Stephen Harper have severely hampered the national broadcaster’s ability to meet its mandate.

Oct 21, 2015 — News Article

CBC snags Olympics rights for 2022, 2024

The public broadcaster got the rights to the Beijing 2022 games and the 2024 games. They currently have the rights to Rio 2016, Pyeongchang 2018, and Tokyo 2020.

Oct 17, 2015 — News Article

What does this election mean to the CBC? Everything by Eric Elliott

FRIENDS says that outside of the CBC’s funding issues, the network faces a murky future on the governance of their institution

Oct 14, 2015 — News Article

CBC/Radio-Canada funding - where the parties stand: 2015 federal election primer by Fasten Martineau

Columnist says politicians and the public have debated the role of the Federal Government in supporting CBC/Radio-Canada as the nation's public radio and television broadcaster for decades.

Oct 14, 2015 — News Article

Green Party: Selling Off CBC Properties: “We will Remove the For Sale Sign in Front of CBC”

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich-Gulf Islands), Jo-Ann Roberts, Former All-Points West Host and candidate (Victoria), and Claire Martin, award winning CBC journalist and candidate (North Vancouver), held a press conference to denounce the selling off of CBC assets in Vancouver and across the country.

Oct 13, 2015 — News Article

Releasing the death-grip on our Canadian voice by Tamara Connor

Columnist says selling off CBC’s properties is an irreversible mistake that will come back to haunt Canadians

Oct 10, 2015 — Ad Campaign

Alice Munro speaks out about CBC cuts

FRIENDS placed this large ad featuring comments from the Nobel Prize winning Canadian author, Alice Munro in the Oct 3rd and Oct 10th national edition of the Globe and Mail.

Oct 9, 2015 — News Article

Burlington candidates talk industry, pensions and CBC at final debates by Michael Gregory

During a campaign event, Conservative candidate says there hasn’t been any cuts to the public broadcaster.

Oct 7, 2015 — News Article

Will Hockey Night in Canada ever recoup Rogers’ $5.2 billion investment? by Terry Dawes

While Rogers may or may not eventually be able to increase the overall viewership for hockey, it has still had to adjust rates downwards for advertisers last year, after initially assuming that Hockey Night in Canada advertising would be a seller’s market.

Oct 6, 2015 — News Article

Rogers looking to boost low NHL ratings amid rocky Maple Leafs market by David Shoalts

Columnist says that if ratings troubles persist – and advertisers already resisted Rogers’s price demands in Year 1 – then making a profit will be increasingly difficult.