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FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting has been supporting Canadian content and making news for many years now. An archive of articles about our organization can be found below.

Nov 23, 2012 — iPolitics

Watchdog to CBC: ‘Don’t prostitute your crown jewels’ by Olesia Plokhii

FRIENDS calls on the CRTC to deny CBC a new stream of advertising revenue and ensure the corporation has a contingency plan in place for the loss of a lucrative contract with the NHL.

Nov 22, 2012 — The Tyee

Starving the CBC: Years of Cuts, and Now the NHL Lockout by Peter Tupper

FRIENDS says that despite promises from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, there is a 37 per cent gap between the increases in overall government spending and the CBC's decreasing portion of funding during the years 2006 to 2015.

Nov 20, 2012 — Victoria Times Colonist

CBC seeks greater flexibility by Jim Bronskill

FRIENDS says the move towards more commercialization will turn CBC into a private broadcaster which loses $1 billion a year rather than the public broadcaster that Canadians rely upon for credible news and Canadian entertainment.

Oct 15, 2012 — Hollywood Reporter

Study: NHL Lockout a Bad Omen for Canada's CBC Network by Etan Vlessing

FRIENDS says losing the "Hockey Night in Canada" TV rights in 2014 could eliminate a third of its TV audience and half of its English TV ad revenue.

Oct 12, 2012 — Yahoo! News

Tough times may be ahead for the CBC by Andy Radia

FRIENDS says "The CBC is hooked on hockey and the lockout could be just a bitter foretaste of the future for the CBC".

Oct 10, 2012 — Playback

CBC must explain Hockey Night in Canada contingency plan: lobby group by Jordan Twiss

FRIENDS estimates that hockey earns a $15 million profit for the CBC, and the loss of HNIC would cost the pubcaster 400 hours of programming and $200 million.

Oct 10, 2012 — Globe & Mail

CBC has much at stake in next NHL television rights negotiation by Bruce Dowbiggin

FRIENDS says it will be demanding answers about HNIC’s future on November 19 when the CRTC begins its review of the CBC's broadcast licenses.

Oct 10, 2012 — C21 Media

CBC hockey loss ‘would be devastating’ by Sean Davidson

FRIENDS warns that the possible loss of NHL games in 2014, when the contract between the league and the national pubcaster comes up for renewal, would be a “devastating financial loss” for CBC.

Oct 9, 2012 — News Article

How the NHL Lockout Could Devastate the CBC by Ian Morrison

FRIENDS calculates that the CBC will suffer a devastating financial loss of as much as $200 million annually if it loses the rights to Hockey Night in Canada in 2014 when its agreement with the NHL expires.

Sep 30, 2012 — Toronto Star

Don’t turn the CBC into an on-air beggar by Ian Morrison

FRIENDS says if the CBC adopts the PBS model of funding, it will be doomed to become a narrow elite service, rather than a mainstream player that is integral to Canadian democracy and generates almost 40 per cent of the audience for Canadian shows.

Sep 28, 2012 — Waterloo Record

Another view: Have your say on CBC

Columnist says what the CBC needs now more than ever is imaginative leadership that will give it the most bang for its bucks.

Sep 27, 2012 — Chronicle Herald

Editorial: CBC funding and future: Have your say

FRIENDS points out that in contrast with public broadcasters in other Western democracies, the CBC president and board are essentially appointed at the behest of the prime minister.

Sep 21, 2012 — Winnipeg Free Press

CBC's place in 'public space' by Ian Morrison

FRIENDS says the CBC is Canadians' public space in the media, a space that is vital for the health of our democracy, and that is worth protecting for future generations.

Aug 14, 2012 — Victoria Times Colonist

Have your say tonight on the CBC you want by Amy Smart

Members of the public have an opportunity to share their views on the future of the CBC at a panel discussion hosted by FRIENDS.

Aug 12, 2012 — Vancouver Sun

Opinion: Ads on CBC Radio are as out of place as condos in Stanley Park by Ian Morrison

FRIENDS says that as Canada’s national public broadcaster, it’s CBC’s job to present radio and television programs that meet the needs of citizens, rather than delivering audience eyes and ears to advertisers.

Aug 9, 2012 — CKNW Radio Vancouver

Radio Interview: The CBC We Want

FRIENDS spokesperson, Ian Morrison, speaks on the Bill Good Show about the future of public broadcasting and The CBC We Want town hall meetings.

Jul 27, 2012 — Hamilton Spectator

CHCH hit by loss of programming fund

FRIENDS says the LPIF was flawed, but the CRTC should have rewritten the rules to truly help independents such as CHCH.

Jun 1, 2012 — Waterloo Record

‘Canada comes to Waterloo’ in discussion about CBC future by Chris Herhalt

Several thousand online and hundreds in person took part in the launch of “CBC We Want,” a virtual town hall and panel discussion about the future of the institution.

May 31, 2012 — Toronto Star

“Filter Bubbles”: Public discourse in an age of citizen journalism by Regan Burles

Winner of the 2012 Dalton Camp Award discusses Kai Nagata and the link between media and democracy.

May 29, 2012 — ACTRA

ACTRA Toronto congratulates Eric Peterson and R.H. Thomson on receiving the Order of Canada

FRIENDS steering committee member R.H. Thompson receives the Order of Canada.

May 14, 2012 — Communications Workers of America (Canada)

Canadian Broadcasting Consultation

FRIENDS was able to garner enough post-budget financial support from Canadians to twice run a full-page ad in the Globe and Mail which revealed that the CBC is "being singled out for disproportionate, draconian damage."

May 4, 2012 —

Vancouver's Reimagine CBC Celebration takes a creative approach to helping the public broadcaster by Craig Takeuchi

Lead Now will be organizing small meetups across country to engage citizens in casual conversations and discussions about the CBC.

Apr 30, 2012 —

Jean wins 'people's pick' for next CBC chair

Former Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean has won the ‘people’s pick’ for the next chair of the CBC, according to an online poll sponsored by Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

Apr 26, 2012 — Toronto Star

Harper Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Appoint CBC Leadership by Ian Morrison

Keen to control the media and how it portrays his government, FRIENDS says Prime Minister Harper should not be allowed choose the leaders of our public broadcaster.

Apr 26, 2012 — Marketing Magazine

CBC’s advertising debate by Graham F. Scott

FRIENDS says adding advertising on CBC Radio 2 threatens its “distinctiveness”, especially niche programming that private broadcasters are unlikely to step in to replace.

Apr 14, 2012 — Variety

Canada cuts leave more room for U.S. by Brendan Kelly

FRIENDS fears that the cuts to CBC will lead to the network buying more American programming.

Apr 3, 2012 — Toronto Star

Cuts Threaten to Close Window on the World by Tony Burman

Former head of Al Jazeera English and CBC News says that as the world becomes smaller and more complex, the amount of airtime on the CBC devoted to international issues is shrinking.

Mar 30, 2012 — Toronto Sun

MP says CBC cuts too small by Kris Sims

Funding to the CBC will be trimmed by $27.8 million next year, $41.8 million in 2013-14 and by $45.4 million in 2014-15.

Mar 30, 2012 — Playback

Now what? Industry reacts to Ottawa slashing the CBC’s annual subsidy by Etan Vlessing

FRIENDS says the Harper government has singled out the CBC for punitive cuts and has broken its election pledge to maintain or increase CBC funding in the process.

Mar 29, 2012 — Montreal Gazette

CBC, NFB and Telefilm to see 10% cut by Brendan Kelly

Columnist says cuts to CBC, Telefilm Canada and the National Film Board of Canada could lead to a significant reduction in Canadian film and TV production, and will almost certainly lead to layoffs at the CBC.

Mar 29, 2012 — Huffington Post Canada

CBC Cuts: Budget 2012 Outlines Cuts To Federal Spending For Canada's National Broadcaster by Rachel Mendleson

FRIENDS says the implications of a $115 million cut in funding will lead to the death of CBC Radio 2, make CBC Radio less relevant to Canadians, and reduce the depth, quality, diversity and distinctiveness of CBC News.

Mar 25, 2012 — Syndicat Canadien de la Fonction Publique

Une nette majorité de Canadiens s’opposent aux compressions à Radio-Canada

A Nanos poll conducted on behalf of Friends of Canadian Broadcasting shows that over 80% of Canadians are satisfied of programming available on radio, on TV and on the website of the CBC. 

Mar 23, 2012 — Toronto Star

A Satisfied Citizenry by Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

A recent Nanos opinion survey suggests that most Canadians are satisfied with the CBC and opposed to massive government cuts.

Mar 16, 2012 — CBC News

Bell empire to expand

Bell Canada has agreed to buy Montreal-based Astral Media for $3.38 billion, adding a number of cable and specialty TV channels and nearly 100 radio stations to its media empire.

Mar 3, 2012 — Montreal Gazette

Stop the CBC smackdown - please by Mark Abley

Columnist asks whether the CBC really believes that intelligent material can be sold to listeners only if it's wrapped in ridiculous packaging?

Feb 8, 2012 — The Tyee

Make It the Canadian Webcasting Corporation by Crawford Kilian

Columnist says the CBC should ditch both TV and radio, and the technologies of those media.

Feb 8, 2012 — Hamilton Spectator

Budget could put CBC Hamilton in jeopardy

FRIENDS says that expected funding cuts in the upcoming federal budget would have devastating consequences for listeners and viewers and could scuttle new services the CBC has promised to Hamiltonians and residents of several other communities.

Feb 4, 2012 —

Me, the CBC and the CTF by Stephen Kimber

FRIENDS Steering Committee Member, Stephen Kimber, responds to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation's claim that he is "on the CBC payroll".

Feb 2, 2012 — Mediacaster

CBC Licence Renewals Postponed Indefinitely as Criticism, Consultation Grows

The CRTC has received a letter from the CBC asking for hearings regarding their license renewal to be postponed, in large part due to the fact that the Corporation's operating budget is open for discussion.

Feb 2, 2012 —

CTF cries foul on CBC link to 'Friends' By Kris Sims

FRIENDS disputes The Canadian Taxpayers Federation's claims that steering committee members are on the CBC's payroll.

Feb 2, 2012 — Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Friends with Benefits: CTF finds Friends of Canadian Broadcasting on the CBC Payroll by Gregory Thomas

The CTF has filed an Access to Information request with the CBC asking if members of the FRIENDS Steering Committee are on the public broadcaster's payroll.

Feb 1, 2012 — Kamloops News

Most in Kamloops favour CBC expansion, poll finds by Mike Youds

Study shows that a substantial majority — 73 per cent — of Kamloops area residents surveyed would like CBC to establish a local radio station to cover community affairs.

Jan 28, 2012 — The Record

Don’t count on tuning into a local CBC station any time soon by Luisa D’Amato

The CBC says it plans to open a radio station in Waterloo Region this fall but columnist Luisa D'Amato questions whether it will happen.

Jan 19, 2012 — Waterloo Record

Poll suggests region wants local CBC radio station by Valerie Hill

FRIENDS has released a public opinion poll suggesting 68 per cent of Waterloo Region residents support CBC establishing a local radio station.