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Sep 8, 2014 — Huffington Post Canada

The CRTC's Future of TV Hearing: "There is No Such Thing as Too Much Choice" by Michael Geist

Columnist says the CRTC hearing is ultimately about providing consumers with more choice.

Sep 8, 2014 — Calgary Herald

TV channel bundling is ‘price discrimination,’ Competition Bureau tells CRTC by Claire Bronwell

The Competition Beaureau says Canadians should be able to choose the channels they want to watch and shouldn’t have to pay for the ones they don’t.

Sep 8, 2014 — Windsor Star

CBC sells longtime home on Riverside Drive

The CBC has sold its historic building on Riverside Drive, though the national broadcaster will continue to lease space from the new owner.

Sep 8, 2014 — Toronto Star

Ontario wants CRTC to regulate new media like Netflix

Ontario argues that online digital media providers should pay into fund to finance the  creation of Canadian content.

Sep 8, 2014 — News Article

Google says regulations would stifle innovative digital services such as YouTube, Netflix by Terry Pedwell

Online delivery services such as Netflix and YouTube would be harmed if regulations for Canada's broadcast industry are extended to the digital world, says Google Canada.

Sep 8, 2014 — Power and Politics with Evan Solomon

Pick and Pay debate on CBC's Power and Politics with Evan Solomon

FRIENDS' Spokesperson, Ian Morrison, discusses issues facing the CRTC at a hearing on the future of television in Canada.

Sep 8, 2014 — Power and Politics with Evan Solomon

Pick and Pay debate on CBC's Power and Politics with Evan Solomon

FRIENDS' Spokesperson, Ian Morrison, discusses issues facing the CRTC at a hearing on the future of television in Canada.

Sep 8, 2014 — Ottawa Star

CRTC set to hold hearing into broad proposals for changing TV delivery system

Canada’s broadcast regulator is set to begin a two-week public hearing into sweeping proposals that could, if adopted, dramatically change how Canadians receive and pay for their television.

Sep 8, 2014 — Huffington Post Canada

CRTC's Jean-Pierre Blais On Netflix, Shomi And The Future Of TV by Althia Raj

An interview with the head of the CRTC, Jean-Pierre Blais, discussing the agency’s controversial proposals, regulating the Internet and why he’s concerned that technology is isolating Canadians rather than bringing them together.

Sep 5, 2014 — News Article

Majority of Conservative voters like the CBC: poll by Ashley Csanady

A new Nanos Research poll says a strong majority of Canadians trust the CBC and most want its funding increased or maintained.

Sep 5, 2014 — Calgary Herald

Canadians split on pick-and-pay cable: poll by Ashley Csanady

A new Nanos Research Poll says Canadians are split in their support of the sweeping changes to cable and television being considered by the CRTC.

Sep 5, 2014 — Broadcaster Magazine

Nanos Survey Finds Canadians Skeptical About CRTC Television Proposals

A new poll by Nanos Research says that among federal Conservative supporters 51 percent would like CBC funding to be maintained, 25 percent would like to see CBC funding increased and 21 percent would like to see funding decreased.

Sep 4, 2014 — Huffington Post Canada

Specialty TV channels risk failing with CRTC changes

Columnist says specialty channels in Canada are facing a shakeup in their industry that will likely result in the death of at least a few of them and reduced profit margins for many others. 

Sep 4, 2014 — The Daily Online Examiner

FCC Chairman Laments Lack Of Broadband Competition by Wendy Davis

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler says the market for broadband isn't competitive.

Sep 4, 2014 — Huffington Post Canada

CRTC: Watching TV Is Giving Way To Streaming Online Video by Michael Oliveira

A report by the CRTC suggests Canadians spent less time channel surfing last year but still watched more TV content overall when accounting for streaming.

Sep 4, 2014 — Mediacaster

Live, Interactive and Multi-Platform: Canadians #FALLforCBC

The CBC is inviting the public to connect, engage and take part in live interactive discussions with its on-air and program personalities, and other Canadian film and television industry heavyweights. 

Sep 2, 2014 — Hollywood Reporter

More on How a Fox News Lawsuit Might Impact the Future of News by Eriq Gardner

TVEyes asserts that it serves the public interest by facilitating criticism of Fox News.

Sep 2, 2014 — Huffington Post Canada

Pick-and-pay cable TV would offer greater choice, CRTC boss says

Columnist says there is enough political will and consumer desire to make pick-and-pay television happen, but consumers should not underestimate either the cost or the complexity of bringing the concept to life.

Aug 31, 2014 — The Canadian Press

TV industry watchdog says 'pick-and-pay' model would hurt economy, cost jobs by Terry Pedwell

FRIENDS says the CRTC's proposed changes would be a recipe for station closure and a body blow to Canadian programming.

Aug 25, 2014 — Huffington Post Canada

Tory MP's Claim That CBC Isn't Being Cut Featured In New Ad by Michael Bolen

While CBC President and CEO Hubert Lacroix did blame softening advertising revenue and "disappointing" ratings when announcing the latest round of cutbacks, he also mentioned the government cuts.