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Harper's Big Lie

Before, during and after the May 2011 election, the Conservatives promised to maintain or increase support to the CBC, claiming falsely that funding to our national public broadcaster had never been higher.

This was a deception. CBC funding has never been lower.

CBC Funding

Then, at the first opportunity Harper broke his promise and slashed funding to our CBC. The cuts announced in the 2012 Budget took full effect only on April 1, 2014.

With the next federal election just around the corner, please help FRIENDS to hold Harper to account for his surreptitious attack on Canadian public broadcasting!

Please sign the petition and share it far and wide.

The Wall of Shame An unfortunate reality is that many Conservative MPs and Senators are secretly hostile to public broadcasting. They usually keep their true feelings under a veil, because they know the CBC is extremely popular with their constituents and other Canadians. But every once in a while, the veil drops - here are some examples.
Housakos Plett Dean Del Maestro Pamela Wallin
Tom Lukiwski Jason Kenny Rob Anders Brent Rathgeber
James Moore Penashue Don't you think our national public broadcaster deserves better?