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Our Accomplishments

FRIENDS work in 2013 is summarized in this this video:

Since its founding in 1985, FRIENDS has:

  • Stood up to hostile governments in defence of the CBC and public broadcasting
  • Successfully deterred the federal government from exercising new power to undermine the CBC’s editorial independence
  • Stopped the federal government from reducing the 
independence of the CBC Board of Directors
  • Led the defence of CBC's regional programming
  • Built a network of 180,000 Canada families committed to defending and enhancing Canadian content in the audio-visual system
  • Served as a watchdog for viewers and listeners offering balance in public policy debates to the powerful vested corporate interests
  • Produced and aired award winning videos and television commercials to defend our national public broadcaster and the importance of telling our own stories
  • Created opportunities for FRIENDS supporters to participate in federal and provincial election campaigns in defence of Canadian cultural sovereignty
  • Developed the Dalton Camp Award to encourage young Canadians to think
 and write about the links between media and democracy
  • Placed dozens of ads in newspapers across the country
  • Commissioned major public opinion research projects to gauge opinion on broadcasting and Canadian content issues
  • Develop and maintain www.friends.ca, Canada’s most extensive collection of news and analysis about broadcasting and related issues, and a powerful advocacy platform for FRIENDS supporters.
  • Influenced the content and direction of the 1991 Broadcasting Act
  • Influenced the direction of the House of Commons Standing Committee on 
Canadian Heritage's landmark study of Canadian broadcasting policy.